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Local journalist and sometime sleuth Andi Silvers is on the trail of another mystery.

Andrea “Andi” Silvers is starting to feel like the tiny fishing village of Coffin Cove, on the Vancouver coast, just might be home.

She’s sort of dating Harry and living with his sister, café-owner Hephzibah. Andi’s job at the Gazette is going well.

Just as she starts to feel like things are settling down, Andi is thrown into two investigations at the same time.

Human remains are found on Hope Island, a rocky outcrop just off the coast of Coffin Cove. The discovery halts a new development. The tiny island has just one resident, Joshua Moore, who has lived there in isolation for years.

Meanwhile, a gas station owner is shot dead on the west coast. When Andi goes to cover the story, she is startled to discover her estranged father is back. And he left his business card with Joyce Mayfield, the victim of the shooting.

What’s her father up to this time?

Discover a web of murder and mystery laced with humour and a thread of romance in this fast-paced whodunnit set on the gorgeous coast of Western Canada.

Coffin Cove Mystery series

  1. Coffin Cove
  2. Hell’s Half Acre
  3. Hope Island

Twists and Turns-a-Plenty!

A very good third book in series!

Andi Silvers is settling in to Coffin Cove; with somewhere to live, a relationship and feeling more at home in her job things are looking good. As a journalist, she finds herself not so much reporting the stories as getting involved in the investigation – she just doesn’t seem to be able to help herself! This time round there are not one, but two dead bodies to look into; one is a current murder when the owner of a nearby gas station is shot dead and the other comes under scrutiny when a dead body is found in a dilapidated cottage on nearby Hope Island – a largely deserted place except for self appointed ‘caretaker’ Joshua Moore. Can Andi work out what’s going on?

There is a lot going on in this book and the threads are twisted hard. I found I needed to concentrate to get it all straight in my mind and, although I didn’t get it all worked out, I did spot a guilty party fairly quickly. I really enjoyed the first in this series and was unaware that I had missed the second; unfortunately there is enough of it recounted in this third one to mean I can’t go back and read it now. That doesn’t take away from the entertaining tale here, well told and all wrapped up nicely by the final page. A great crime series and one to follow, preferably in order. Very enjoyable, 4.5*.

My thanks to the publisher for my copy of this novel and to Jill Burkinshaw for my spot on this tour; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: crime mystery

Author Details

Jackie is originally from the UK, but she settled on Vancouver Island, Canada in 2004. She’s married to Bob, a commercial fisherman and accomplished storyteller – like most fishermen!

It was a culture shock to swap a fast-paced city life for Island living. It wasn’t at all how Jackie had expected. She was intrigued by the pioneer spirit of their small communities, and the fight to hang on to traditional ways of living. In her experience, small towns ‘with a heart’ have claws and teeth as well and that makes the perfect back drop for a good murder!

When Jackie’s not writing, she is gardening, reading, or poking around local museums, looking for inspiration.

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