Moving by Jenny Eclair #BookReview #Sphere #3.5*

It only took one night to tear a family apart.

Artist and illustrator Edwina Spinner used to have a busy family life. Now she lives alone, in a house that has grown too big for her. She has decided to sell it. As Edwina takes the estate agent from room to room, she finds herself transported back to her life as a young mother. Back to her twins, Rowena and Charlie, and a stepson she cannot bring herself to mention by name.

As the house reveals its secrets, Edwina is forced to confront her family’s past, and a devastating betrayal that changed everything. But Edwina doesn’t know the whole story.

And to discover the truth, she will have to face the one person she vowed never to see again.

A Confusing Tale!

I think, for once, not reading the blurb before beginning to read went against me.

Edwina is an artist, now getting on in years. Although her very large home is full of memories, she now lives in only a small portion of it and the time has come to sell up and live somewhere much more manageable. As she shows the (very young) estate agent around the property, visiting rooms she hasn’t been in for quite some time, her mind is flooded with memories of times gone by when it was a family home. Having buried two husbands and raised two children and a stepson, there is plenty to remember, but perhaps there are some things she wasn’t privvy to?

When I began reading, I immediately took to Edwina; she may be old with a frail body but her mind is as sharp as ever and the author paints a clear picture of her life and her home. However, once we left the Edwina chapters I sort of wondered where it was going. I’m not sure it was really made clear that there was a family split and, at times, I had to make myself keep going. As with any good novel, there are likeable characters and those you’re not so keen on – and, for me, Barbara was clearly in the second category. By the end of the novel, it all became clear but I did struggle with most of it. I had no quibble with the quality of the writing, but I would have liked the story to have been a bit sharper. Perhaps, in the future, I will try another of Jenny Eclair’s novels but, for me, this one gains 3.5*.

I purchased this novel some time ago; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: women’s fiction

Author Details

Jenny Eclair is an English comedian, author and actor. She has appeared on numerous tv shows, most notably Grumpy Old Women, and Loose Women, performed on stage and hosted her own radio shows. She continues to tour her one woman stand up shows throughout the UK and was the first female comic to win The Edinburgh Fringe Perrier Award, in 1995.

  • Twitter: @jennyeclair
  • Facebook: :@jennyeclair

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