My Grandpa’s Second Wife by Lois Jean Thomas #BookReview #IndieAuthor #4*

Set in northern Indiana and southwest Michigan during the era of the Coronavirus pandemic, MY GRANDPA’S SECOND WIFE is a story that embraces diversity, with love reaching across cultural, racial, religious, and generational divides.

Mercedes Maldonado, the child of a Caucasian mother and a long ago deported Mexican father, struggles in her marriage with her aristocratic Mexican husband.

When she experiences an uncanny reconnection with a step-grandmother from an Amish background, whom she hasn’t seen since she was four years old, their brief relationship brings much-needed healing to both of their lives.

A Peaceful, Heart-Warming Read!

A gentle story of life through the generations in a multi-cultural family.

Mercedes Maldonado is struggling with life; finding it hard to moderate her behaviour resulting in being estranged from her husband, Javier. Their son Javi is taking it hard and Mercedes doesn’t always make it as easy as she could for him to spend time with his father. Where someone of her position would normally turn to their mother for help and guidance, Mercedes mother isn’t that kind of parent; however, she discovers that her Grandpa didn’t have two wives, as she thought, but there was another one between the two she remembers. Tracking down Dora is the best thing she has ever done.

This is a lovely read about two women from different generations and their blossoming friendship is wonderful to read about. Both of them, in their own way, need a confidant; Mercedes craves a mother figure and for Dora, recalling her life story in weekly instalments gives her something to look forward to. It’s an enthralling tale, but I would have liked more interaction between the women – it tends to be entirely narrated by Dora, even what Mercedes thinks is fed to the reader by Dora. None of that takes away what a very enjoyable story this is, and I relished reading it. In the midst of a reading list packed with suspense and psychological thrillers, it was a joy to settle down to such a peaceful, heart-warming read. I’m happy to give this one 4* and my recommendation.

My thanks to both the author and her husband for my copy of this novel; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: family, women’s fiction

Author Details

Lois Jean Thomas has lived in both northern Indiana and southwest Michigan, the setting for this novel. She has enjoyed living among the diverse racial, cultural, and religious groups in these communities.

  • Twitter: @7LoisJean

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