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A literary festival. A dead body. No fingerprints.

At first PC Marnie Olsen thinks the man in the car is asleep. But the lack of movement and strange tilt of the head are a dead giveaway.

The only clue is a book signed by local author Juliette Kimani, who is holding court at the Wiltshire literary festival.

This could be a real breakthrough. If only the writer wasn’t flatly denying ever having met the man . . .

Detective Craig Wild discovers that the victim was using a fake name. What did he have to hide?

If Wild can find the man’s real identity he might just crack this case. But first he must deal with some very dangerous people.

Detective Craig Wild will be pushed to his limits in this gripping crime mystery packed with twists and turns.

Perfect for fans of Helen. H. Durrant, Rachel McLean, L.J. Ross, Angela Marsons, J.D. Kirk or Biba Pearce.

Detective Craig Wild couldn’t cut it in London. Now he must swap the Met for Mayberry, a sleepy Wiltshire backwater where ambition goes to die. He’s always been a loner, even when he was married. Like many long-time coppers, it’s the job that gives him his sense of self and a purpose. He’s a good copper — most of the time. But his method is to follow his nose, disregard his superiors and get the job done.

Detective Craig Wild series

  1. Long Shadows
  2. West Country Murders

A Rollicking Good Read!

My first foray into this author’s writing – and I hope it’s not my last!

When a body is found in a car at a literary festival, PC Marnie Olsen is first on the scene – more by accident by design. Detective Craig Wild has only one clue; the book in the author’s car signed by an author attending the festival. Determined to get to the bottom of things, Wild will leave no stone unturned which brings him in contact with some dangerous individuals but he is determined to solve this case.

‘Mystery’ is the perfect category for this one as there are some really mysterious goings on! It’s easy to understand how hard a detective’s job really is – basically believe nothing until you can confirm it twice over! I suspected everyone, convinced myself they were all innocent and then had them in my sights again. A rollicking good read and absolutely a series I want to read more of. Definitely a five star read, and highly recommended to all the amateur detectives out there!

My thanks to the publisher for my copy; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: crime mystery

Author Details

Derek writes novels, short fiction and comedy. He’s like a human hat stand. A native Londoner, he now
lives in the West Country. Much of his fiction involves death, data or secrets. As the saying goes: write about
what you know.

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