A Chance Encounter by Deric Shaw #BookReview #AustinMacauley #4*

The story from which this book takes its title sees a young man in a London bar enjoying a last drink before setting off home, when a young woman passes by, dropping her handbag as she does so.

The retrieval of the bag and the subsequent brief relationship leads the man into life-changing circumstances.

The remaining stories all follow a similar line, with an unusual twist in the tale.

Delightful & Enigmatic!

An excellent collection of stories, all with surprising endings!

In a London bar, a young man is enjoying a last drink before departing for home when a woman walking past drops her bag, opening up a conversation with unforeseen results. This brief encounter alters the course of the young man’s life and not in the way you would expect!

This is just one of the many startling tales in this anthology – all unusual and all with unexpected endings but all extremely entertaining and enjoyable. The cover picture made total sense as I progressed through this book and I can honestly say there isn’t a bad story among this collection. Deric Shaw is a man who knows how to write to command his audience’s attention and is certainly an author I would read again. A terrific gathering of delightful and enigmatic tales, and one which I’m happy to recommend. 4.5*.

My thanks to the publisher for my copy; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: anthology

Author Details

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Deric Shaw, who lives in Cheshire with his wife, spent the majority of his professional career as a company secretary and accountant. Realising that on retirement he would have an additional eight hours a day to fill he turned his hand to writing mystery stories mainly self-published. He has been writing in this vein for almost 20 years and now seeks approval from a wider audience.

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