Ribbons in Her Hair by Colette McCormick #BookReview #ThePinkPen #4.5*

To the outside world, Jean is a perfect wife and mother but what they don’t see is what she is really like.

They don’t see the way that Jean controls her family or the emotional neglect of her daughters.

When her youngest daughter brings what she considers the ultimate shame on her family Jean can only see one way out but unfortunately for her, her daughter doesn’t see it the same way. For the first time in her life, Susan finds the courage to stand up to her mother and do the only thing that she can to save her baby.

In Ribbons In Her Hair we see the changing attitudes through generations to unmarried mothers and shows us that two people’s answer the exact same dilemma can be very different.

An Understanding, Compassionate Read!

What a wonderful story showing changing attitudes through the decades!

Susan is the youngest of three daughters and there is no doubt her mother rules the roost. She runs all of their lives and it’s easier just to do her bidding than cause upset. Until, that is, Susan falls pregnant and disagrees with her mother’s way of dealing with the situation. For possibly the first time, her mother is faced with things not going the way she planned, and it has repercussions within the family.

Smartly plotted, this is a terrific tale in itself but the author has cleverly shown the differences between the generations. I can fully understand the circumstances; my own mother’s viewpoint was scarily similar to Jean’s (not that she had to deal with any unwanted pregnancies) but what the world thought of her was more important than what her family thought. Perhaps it was the time they were born in? Colette McCormick has her finger on the pulse of each of her characters and this is a book which is hard to put down. The situation is one which has torn many families apart and she has dealt with it with a great deal of understanding and compassion. A thoroughly enjoyable novel and one I’m happy to recommend and give 4.5*.

My thanks to the author for my copy; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: family life, women’s saga

Author Details

Originally a city girl, for the last four decades my home has been in one of the many former mining villages in County Durham. I have written stories all of my life but it was 2005 before I decided to take it seriously and had my first short story published in the book Sexy Shorts for The Beach in 2006. In the following few years, I had a dozen or so further stories published in books and magazines both in Britain and abroad and wrote travel features for a national magazine. In 2015 I secured a three-book deal with Accent Press and Things I Should Have Said and Done was published in 2016. That was followed by Ribbons in Her Hair in 2018 and Not My Brother’s Keeper in 2019. Also, in 2019 my fourth book An Uncomplicated Man was published under the Headline/Accent imprint. In 2020 I regained the publishing rights to all of my books and am re-publishing them under The Pink Pen brand.

When I am not working as a charity shop manager for one of the country’s leading children’s charities, other than writing I enjoy cooking, gardening and walking the dog. I have been married for almost forty years and have two grown up sons.

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