Birthright by Diana Philo #BookReview #ChronosPublishing #4.5*

Generations of Blackwells have farmed this land, but its isolation has protected it from the political unrest suffered by much of England at this time.

Fred Blackwell is a hard-working, hard-drinking man who rules his family with belt and fist. Even after his death, the family must endure many ordeals before finally accepting that the farm is ill-fated. They decide to leave and make a new life in the colonies.

Young Thomas, however, has Blackwell blood running through his veins and returns to Cromwell’s England to pursue his desire to own Blackwell farm once more; a desire which becomes an obsession that rules his life.

A Thoroughly Enjoyable Saga!

An enthralling saga following several generations!

Generations of Blackwells have farmed their land in England. It’s isolation helps to hide the fact that Fred Blackwell is a brutal husband and father. This is the tale of Fred’s children and their children.

From the very beginning, this novel is written in a manner which draws the reader in; I was immediately taken with the family and their plight, dealing with the unpredictability of the head of the household. Farming several centuries past was a hard life, and never more so when the farm itself was separated from the rest of the community. There are shocking details but all in the context of the story – and what a story it is! A tale of two halves: the first beginning with Fred and his family and the second continuing with the life of one of his grandsons. Both are skilfully crafted, well written, very enjoyable stories which kept me reading right to the very end. If you enjoy historical sagas, then this is definitely one I recommend. 4.5*.

My thanks to the publisher for my copy; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: historical family saga

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