Where Crows Land by Paul McCracken #BookReview #TheConradPress #5*

This gripping thriller is set in Belfast, Northern Ireland ..

.. and chronicles the dramatic events when a former detective, Joseph Carter, sets out to gain redemption from the consequences of an old case that cost him everything.

Carter is still haunted by the murders of his niece and brother-in-law at the hands of a serial killer he was trying to track down.

One year on, the killer has returned and Carter, now a disgraced detective gone private, launches a personal vendetta to catch him this time around.

A Powerful, Exhilarating Read!

A thrilling read from first to last; so good that I can barely wait for the next one!

Carter used to be a police detective until, that is, his brother-in-law and niece were murdered. His unsanctioned involvement resulted in his dismissal and now, a year on, he works as a private detective. When the killer rears their head again, Carter is in pursuit . . .

This is a whistle-stop read! Beautifully descriptive and always on the move there was always something going on that I just HAD to find out, resulting in reading into the wee small hours (until my eyelids succumbed to gravity) and leaving only thirty minutes for the next morning. This is an author who knows how to capture his audience and keep them until the very end. Very much a plot-driven novel, it’s all very personal to the protagonist and his bravery and commitment is unquestionable. With a great cast of well-developed characters, sight is never lost of the main purpose and it is a very exciting, fast moving tale! While this is a complete story in itself, the door is also left open for a sequel and I would be delighted if this turned into a series. A powerful, exhilarating novel from a talented author, full of surprises and one I not only highly recommend but also give a full house of stars!

My thanks to the author for my copy; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: Northern Irish crime thriller

Author Details

Northern Irish novelist, Paul McCracken, was born 16th January 1991 in the Ulster hospital, Dundonald, just outside of Belfast. He grew up in the Castlereagh area of east Belfast where he also went to school.

Ever since he could hold a pencil, he wanted to be an artist and no-one, not even the school career advisor could tell him otherwise. He left education with only three GCSE’s and an Art diploma. He tried to make it as a fine artist whilst also trying to find any work to support himself financially. However, the more he learned about the commercial art world, the more he wanted no part in it.

In spring 2011, he enrolled in a five day film making course through the Prince’s Trust charity. He always had a passion for storytelling. During the course, he impressed the owner of the studio at which the course was being held, through the raw creativity he displayed. The studio owner was the first to encourage Paul to write his own material, that material being screenplays. After leaving the course with new found confidence and ambition, Paul started to learn the craft of screenwriting and got to work writing his very first feature film.

After securing full time work later that year, he found a renewed inspiration to write again and wrote a full length film script in the space of a week. Paul kept on writing other projects as well as continually editing the first script, but he kept the fact he was writing close to himself as he didn’t want to face any negativity if he were to tell anyone. The script would go on to score highly in an international screenplay competition, based out of Los Angeles. It would then place in the quarter-finals of the same competition for the next two years in a row, accompanied by another screenplay that Paul wrote next.

Years later, after entering competitions, pitching, submitting and doing some occasional freelance scriptwriting, Paul wanted to find a way to get his work into the public eye. Writing a novel was a challenge that seemed daunting but also exciting. Having first thought of converting his best script into a novel, he decided to come up with a completely original story.

In 2018, he self-published his debut novel, Layla’s Song.

In 2020 he secured two book deals with two different English publishers. The Conrad Press and PM Books (Imprint of Holland House Books). The first of these books was Where Crows Land, a detective thriller set in Belfast and published by The Conrad Press.

Where Crows Land was released in December 2020.

Paul is currently working with PM Books to release what will be his third novel, The Last Rains Of Winter.

Beyond that, Paul is currently submitting his fourth book to publishers as well as finishing book five.

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