Elle’s A to Z of Love by Claire Huston #BookReview #GoldcrestBooks #4.5*

Haileybrook, a beautiful village in the peaceful Cotswolds countryside, is most people’s idea of heaven on earth.

Born and raised in this small slice of paradise, Elle Bea can’t wait to leave.

It should be easy, but every time she packs her bags for exotic adventures, old loves and loyalties pull her back.

Will Elle be forced to forget her dreams of far-flung places and epic romance, or can she grab one last chance to have it all?

An uplifting, romantic story about friends, family and the relationships that make a place a home.

A Gorgeous Novel!

A perfect summer romance!

Haileybrook is the kind of village in the Cotswolds which those looking to move to the country flock to; however for many of those born and raised there, it’s all about getting out and heading to the bright lights of the capital. Elle Bea has been trying to move out for some time, but there’s always something which keeps her back. Will she ever manage to follow her dreams?

I read this author’s debut novel which was particularly good but with this second one she has really come into her own. Claire Huston’s writing shows the benefit of her experience and this is a gorgeous novel with everything a reader could want in a romance. The setting, the characters, the events all make for an appealing and well-conceived read which had me laughing and sympathising with Elle more than once. An ideal read for those of us with a bit of romance left in our souls; absolutely earns my recommendation and 4.5 sparkling stars.

My thanks to the author for my copy; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: romance

Author Details

My name’s Claire Huston (pronounced as in “Houston, we have a problem”).

I write uplifting modern love stories about characters who are meant for each other but sometimes need a little help to realise it. You can read more about that in My Books (or head straight over to Amazon to buy them now!).

I live in the Midlands, UK, with my husband and two children. I work as a Spanish-English translator and when I’m not struggling to write, I try to read, bake, and generally keep chaos at bay.

I’m a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association New Writers’ Scheme.

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