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Adam Black is facing his most mysterious case yet.

When a stranger gives Black a book and tells him the book holds the key to the mystery surrounding his wife’s murder, Black dismisses the event as nothing more than the ramblings of a mad man.

Then Black is called to a meeting with a Hollywood movie star, Victor Cromwell, who is shooting a new film in Glasgow. At the meeting Victor makes a very strange request that will throw Black’s life into turmoil.

Meanwhile a killer, who was dormant for twenty years, has returned and is murdering young women in the most gruesome way.

As Black investigates he starts to suspect the three events are linked and sets out to uncover the truth.

But the truth often lies in the darkest places. Will he get out of this alive?

Adam Black Series

  1. Unleashed
  2. Violation
  3. Venomous
  4. Fury

Exhilarating & Invigorating!

Another utterly fantastic addition to this cracking series!

While Black is enjoying a coffee, minding his own business, an elderly man sits beside him and leaves a book with him, wrapped in brown paper and tied up with string, and asks him to find out who murdered his wife. Black takes the book with him but dismisses all he’s heard as the ramblings of an old man, but then he is called to a meeting with a famous movie star and it all begins . . .

Adam Black is living a peaceful life, avoiding trouble but trouble is seeking him out. As with the three previous novels in this series, this is a fast-paced, exciting read full of shocks and surprises and one which really kept me on my toes. So much going on! I never fail to be riveted by the stamina of the man and this is one terrific read! In particular I absolutely love the wee quotes from his Sergeant Major which crop up every now and then; they always make me smile and leave me in no doubt of what Adam Black is capable of. I’ve read more than a few action thrillers over the years but this series is particularly enjoyable – and not just because the scenery is familiar. Expertly written, this is a book which is so hard to put down as the action never lets up. Exhilarating, invigorating and completely worth all five glowing, sparkling stars.

I purchased this novel; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: crime thriller

Author Details

Karl Hill lives in sunny Scotland, in the village of Eaglesham, on the outskirts of Glasgow. For his sins, he is a practicing lawyer, and has been for over twenty-five years. He tries to keep fit, by going to the gym every three years or so. Or is it four? He lives with his wife and daughter, and two remarkably ugly cats, both suffering personality disorders. The cats, that is. When he’s not experiencing the joys of looking through title deeds, he loves to read a good thriller. And, of course, he loves to write.

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