May 2021

May has been a cold month, not made any better by memories popping up on facebook each morning of the last few years when there was blazing sunshine! However, finally, today we had some real warm sunshine and I headed out to the garden with my kindle, coffee, canines and carrots (for the dogs) and loved every minute of it. What’s better, it’s to be repeated tomorrow; bring it on, I say!

Have things changed for you with the easing of lockdown? Not a lot has changed here, although we did go to the garden centre earlier in the month and my husband treated us to lunch while we were there which we both thoroughly enjoyed – it’s been such a long time coming!

Onto this month’s books; slight dip in the total but I had laptop issues early on and had to break in a new one so that took some time. That aside, it’s been a great month with a total of 26 novels and a good variety – some favourite authors, some indie ones and one or two unknown to me previously. As always, picking just one outstanding read never gets any easier but there is one book which has played at the back of my mind through the rest of the month and still lingers on. My Book of the Month for May is The Missing Husband by Natasha Boydell and I really cannot recommend it enough. Completely different, unexpected but just so right, this is definitely an author to follow!

Now that we’re on the cusp of summer (even here in Scotland) I’m looking forward to many more days in the garden. That’s my happy place! I’ll be trying to fit in as many books in June as I can; I’m planning a break from my blog list in July to allow me to catch up with the books I want to read but never have the time to fit in. My facebook group – Grace J Reviewerlady’s Wee Book Group ( – is up and running now with a great group of members, and that also keeps me busy.

Here’s looking forward to a warm month and lots of good books – enjoy your summer, whatever your plans!

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