Everything That Was Us by E. Graziani #BookReview #TheWildRosePressInc. #4*

What would you do for a secret love?

Despite not speaking for nearly twenty years, Massimo Damiani, a ‘rags-to-riches’ oil executive, summons Sofie to his hospice bedside in picturesque Tuscany—his last wish?…to reconcile their stormy history and set long-buried secrets to rest.

Sofia Romano, a powerful Wall Street banker in Manhattan’s financial district, reeling with heartache in her rocky marriage, ignores her husband’s protests and flies to Italy to comfort the dying man from her past.

With old promises tugging at her heart and the memory of a tempestuous love that grew and crumbled time and again, will Sofia ever come to terms with the flaws in her marriage and gain the strength to rebuild it?

A Tender Tale!

Surprises and revelations abound in this one!

Sofia Romano has worked her way to the top at a Wall Street bank, and revels in her hard won position. However, when she is contacted about a blast from the past, now in his final days in a hospice in Tuscany, she drops everything to fly to his side, much to the puzzlement of her husband of twenty years. As we get into the story and their memories, we begin to understand why.

At the beginning, I was mesmerised by the life of a young Sofia and when she met Max I was really into the tale but as the story progressed I really did begin to wonder what kind of a hold he had to make her ditch her life and race to his bedside; after all, it’s not something many of us would do for an old flame. However, as time goes on the reader begins to understand the kind of bond there was between the young couple and there are a few surprising revelations before the final page. I admit to being blinded by tears as I closed my kindle – not something which happens often but this is a story which really got under my skin. Carefully planned and well-written, it is a tender tale which I’m happy to both recommend it and give 4*.

My thanks to be author for my copy of her novel; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: women’s romance fiction

Author Details

E. Graziani writes books for adults and teens.

She is the author of the women’s fiction novel, EVERYTHING THAT WAS US, Feb. 2021 (The Wild Rose Press). She has also written Breaking Faith (Second Story Press), a contemporary YA fiction novel, selected for the ‘In the Margins’ Book Award 2018 Recommended Fiction List, and one of Canadian Children’s Book Centre’s Best Books for Kids and Teens, and the YA historical memoir, War in My Town (Second Story Press), one of Canadian Children’s Book Centre’s Best Books for Kids and Teens and finalist in the Hamilton Arts Council 2016 Literary Awards for Best Non-Fiction. Graziani has also written the YA time-travel romance series, Alice of the Rocks & Alice~Angel of Time, and women’s fiction novella, Jess Under Pressure.

Reader and reviewer, WUoC Short Prose Competition for Emerging Writers, 2019. Regular contributor, CHCH Morning Live Book Chat. She resides in Canada with her husband and four daughters. To contact the author or for more information on new releases or events, please visit her website.

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