March 2021

March has warmed the earth up a little, even here in Scotland. I finally managed to sit outside with my mid-morning coffee – twice; just as I was getting used to it the weather took a downwards turn and it’s never been that warm since. The other evening as we let the boys out before bed, it was a snowstorm! I know that the weather for the south is forecast to be nice and warm for the next few days so if that’s you, please appreciate it. Our temperature for the same period is to be only just into double figures. On the bright side, the yellow daffodils really pop on these grey days!

I’m heading for my Covid jab this Friday and hoping the queue isn’t two hours long as with the first attempt; I’m unable to stand for that length of time. Best news of all is our hairdressers’ open from next week and I have an appointment – oh, the excitement! Easily pleased, that’s me.

It’s been another busy month of reading; with a packed list I still managed to slip in a couple of extra ones so this month’s total stands at 32. My list isn’t getting any shorter and I’m now adding books for August – this year has gone completely crazy! I’ve enjoyed another great selection this month from a wide variety of authors and choosing one outstanding read was harder than ever. Having narrowed it down to two, I really couldn’t look past Girl A by Dan Scottow. This is my first experience of his writing – Girl A is his second novel – but I have now downloaded his previous one, Damaged, and hope to fit it in before the end of the year. I was completely engrossed in this one; it just swallowed me up and when I headed to bed intending to read another thirty minutes or so, I ended up glued to my kindle well into the early hours – I just could not put it down! Girl A is at a bargain price at the moment, so snap it up while you get the chance – I recommend it!

Looking forward to April, I have 28 books so far. If reading goes well, I shall no doubt add another few. Let’s hope there’s a bit of fresh air reading coming up! With lockdown beginning to ease here next month, I’m looking forward to spending some time with family – well some of them. Those in Japan will just have to settle for video calls! With Easter on the horizon this coming weekend, hopefully there will be some warm weather to let everyone tentatively meet their friends outdoors – how long is it since we’ve done that?

However you month goes, keep well, stay safe, and happy reading!

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