January 2021

Does it seem like a long time since Christmas to you? On the one hand it seems like ages ago, yet on the other this month has just flashed past! We’ve had some truly awful weather, but then it is January and to be expected in Scotland and I know other parts of the UK have had their fair share too.

With lockdown continuing and my husband still working from home, there’s not much to tell about this month. My only outing was to the dentist when I broke a tooth, so nothing exciting. However, I have been kept busy.

My list for the year coming has filled up faster than ever. Before the year even began, I had almost no spaces left in the first three months and now, at the end of January, April is almost full as well. I’ve never had so many requests – not that I’m complaining, you understand, it’s good to think my reviews are respected and sought after!

Onto this month past; with thirty books on my list I’ve had a great variety of genres to read and a good mix of both traditionally published and indie authors to enjoy. There are some authors whose work I’ve read before and some who were entirely new to me and they were all worth reading. As a disabled person who doesn’t get around much, reading is my main occupation and I would be lost without it.

With eleven books rating 5* (yes, eleven – I just checked), picking only one as my Book of the Month never gets any easier, but I have decided on a book I read early in January which still plays on my mind. Completely unique and creatively written, The Last Thing to Burn by Will Dean just blew me away. I’m not sure I’ll ever come across another like it. One of those stories which totally consumes a reader, it was still rattling around my brain even when I wasn’t actively reading – I could not get it out of my mind and it still pops up now and then. An amazing story with a great ending which left no questions floating around and, for me, this novel has earned my top reads award. If you haven’t read it yet, I hope you do so in future; I would love to hear what others think!

Looking forward to next month. I have 26 books on my February list so I shall be kept occupied. It would be nice to think that with the roll out of the covid vaccine, we won’t be in lockdown forever but I have a feeling it won’t be lifted anytime soon. Stay well, keep safe and continue reading!

2 thoughts on “January 2021

  1. A big thank you from all the writers who have benefited from your reviews.
    It is a kind and wonderful thing to do.

    I wondered if you would review my new book which is still with the publishers. I hope you will enjoy reading ‘The Ugliest Man in the Mountain’. It should be out by late April.

    I will contact you as soon as I hear from the publisher so you can make a decision on whether to review the novel or not.

    We are keeping safe and send our best wishes. Mark and Jan

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