The Girl Who Turned a Blind Eye by Diana Wilkinson #BookReview #BloodhoundBooks #4*

Could the Truth Destroy You?

Danielle and Scott lose their unborn baby after Danielle falls down a flight of stairs. Assigned to the case, DCI Colgate is convinced Beverley Digby – Scott’s ex-girlfriend – is somehow involved.

After breaking a restraining order, Beverley is forced into therapy and DCI Colgate considers the matter closed. However, while therapist Justine Evans listens carefully, it becomes clear that her patient has a troubling past.

And when Beverley then finds herself the target of her own stalker, the tables begin to turn. While DCI Colgate investigates who the mystery stalker is, he soon realises the answer could take him back to an unsolved murder from twenty-five years earlier.

What’s the link between Beverley, her stalker and the unsolved murder?

One thing’s for certain: This stalker has more than just an axe to grind …

Skilfully Written & Cleverly Spun!

Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive …

Beverley and Scott used to be an item; when Scott’s current girlfriend Danielle loses their baby after a fall on a flight of stairs, Scott goes to the police and accuses Beverley of having something to do with it resulting in her being forced into therapy. DCI Colgate considers that the end of the matter but when Beverley picks up her own stalker, he begins to wonder if it connects to an unsolved murder from a quarter of a century ago. All the while, the therapist realises that Beverley has had a troubled past. Is there a link between Beverley, the murder and her stalker – and if so, what is it?

Having read a fair amount of psychological thrillers, I like to think that my brain can at least keep the threads straight, but this one had be completely befuddled. I suspected and discounted everyone – several times over! Skilfully written and cleverly spun, this is a tale which will have you not knowing who to trust and tying you up in knots. After thinking I sort of understood what was going on, the ending disabused me of that notion. An excellent read which I enjoyed and am happy to give four stars.

My thanks to the publisher for my copy; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: women’s psychological fiction

Diana graduated from Durham University with a degree in geography but after a short spell in teaching, has spent most of her working life in the business of tennis development.  A former Irish International player, tennis has always been a great passion.

Having finally stepped off the tennis court, Diana has become a full-time writer. The inspiration for much of her work has come through coaching tennis to hundreds of ladies over the years and from the intimate confidences shared over coffee.  She has met, observed and listened to women trapped in loveless marriages, abusive relationships and in the grip of obsessive love… although she does admit that no one has yet shared a personal murder story!

Her novels tackle the dark side of obsessive relationships. 4 Riverside Close is a psychological thriller set in the claustrophobic confines of a North London cul-de-sac. An online dating site sucks bored residents into a sinister web of seedy manipulation from which there is no escape.

Her second novel is called You Are Mine. When her lover disappears, Julia fears she will never find out what happened. However, ten years later, a night at the cinema reveals her search is over.

Diana currently lives in Hitchin in Hertfordshire with her family.

  • Twitter: @DiWilkinson2020

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