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Bertie the pug had an unlucky start in life.

Diagnosed with hemivertebrae and unable to walk, his owner decided to open up a dog-friendly cafe where he could meet friends and have fun.

The Pug Cafe quickly became a very special place for all dog owners to meet and have a drink.

But when the cafe faced closure, it was brave Bertie the pug and his friends who came to the rescue.

Inspired by true events, Happy Days at the Pug Cafe tells the heartwarming story of one little pug and his beloved cafe.

Help yourself to a Puguccino, put up your paws and get your nose into the heartwarming tale of Bertie and friends.

A Light-Hearted Tale!

A pretty enjoyable read for all the dog lovers out there.

Bertie started his new life the day he was chosen Anushka and taken to his furever home, but it wasn’t all plain sailing. Diagnosed with a condition which left him facing an operation and time to recuperate, he needed to make friends in the doggy world, so Anushka set up a meet-up for pugs which turned into a pop-up pug cafe. But there’s more to these dogs and their owners than it first seems.

This is the story of Bertie the pug and his human, Anushka. It’s a light-hearted tale of the world seen from the eyes of a pooch – and a very spoiled pooch at that. I feel I should hold my hand up at this point and say I’m a dog lover, but labradors are my dog of choice, so all the pug traits in this book were new to me, as were the health issues.. This reads very much like a memoir; no less enjoyable for it but if you’re not a big pug lover then you may struggle. I couldn’t find fault with this, it’s a well-written, easily flowing novel and a very pleasant tale which will both amuse and entertain. Four stars from me.

My thanks to the publisher for my copy via NetGalley; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: dogs, memoir

Author Bio

Anushka Fernando and her pug Bertie set up the UK’s first real-life Pug Cafe, the perfect place for pugs to relax with their human buddies and socialise. The cafe has worked with animal charities including the Pug Dog Welfare & Rescue Organisation and made numerous appearances across national media.

This is Anushka and Bertie’s first book based on their real-life adventures together.

Social Media

Website: https://pugcafe.com/

Twitter: @Anushka_Tweets

Facebook: @PugCafeUK

Instagram: @pug_cafe

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