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A seemingly simple case leads Charles to a shocking discovery…

London, 1965

After a series of successful cases, Charles Holborne’s reputation is on the rise.

He is asked to work pro bono to represent a widow in a recent accidental death case.

The deceased was a Sergeant Maynard, an RAF policeman who worked at the Cardington base in Bedfordshire.

It seems his death was the result of a tragic motorcycle collision, but Mrs Maynard insists her husband was murdered.

Though sceptical at first, Charles soon realises she could be right.

And as he delves further, he realises that the RAF base could be the centre of a much bigger criminal undertaking…

As rifts in the corrupt Metropolitan Police are revealed, and the threats to Charles and those he loves escalate, he begins to wonder — has he finally bitten off more than he can chew?

Charles Holborne is back in another tricky mystery! Perfect for fans of John Grisham, Robert Bailey, Michael Connelly and Robert Dugoni.

Charles Holborne Legal Thrillers Series

Book 1: The Brief

Book 2:  An Honest Man

Book 3: The Lighterman

Book 4: Corrupted

Book 5: Force of Evil

A Cleverly Crafted Thriller!

I love this series – so much so that I bought this book to read on publication day!

Charles Holborne’s legal reputation is on the up; the latest case he has taken on is pro-bono to help out a young widow who is convinced there is more to her RAF Police Sergeant husband’s death than the authorities are letting on. Charles assumes that it will just be a matter of turning up at the inquest and putting the matter to rest but when he begins to look into things, it seems the widow may have been right. As the case goes deeper, Charles finds himself on the receiving end of some serious threats . . .

This is a great series! Charles Holborne is not your usual upper class barrister with an old boys network behind him, and it makes for gripping reading. The plot is very cleverly crafted, always keeping a little something hidden with which to surprise the reader. Whilst Charles’ private life is touched upon, it is only a small part of the story and the main focus is very much on the legal aspects. I learn something about the court system with each book and this one was no different. Rapidly becoming one of my favourite authors, Simon Michael certainly knows how to pen a suspenseful, exciting thriller easily earning all five sparkling stars!

I purchased an ebook copy of this novel; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: legal thriller

Author Bio

Simon studied Law at Kings College, London University, before being called to the Bar by the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple in 1978. Until the late 1990s he worked almost exclusively in the field of criminal law, prosecuting and defending enough murderers, armed robbers, con artists and other assorted villainy to provide him with a lifetime of true crime plots. Thereafter he specialised in clinical negligence and was listed in the Legal 500 as a Tier 1 specialist in his field. He retired early from the Bar to resume his literary career which started in the 1980s with books published in the UK and the USA.

He is the father of three children of whom he is inordinately proud, none of whom read his books.

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