Violation by Karl Hill #BookReview #AdamBlack2 #BoldwoodBooks #5*

A mysterious legacy. A man on a mission. A mission that might be his last.

When Adam Black learns he is the sole beneficiary of a stranger’s will, he begins to ask questions. Why would a man Black has never met or heard of leave him everything he owns? And as Black looks deeper, he discovers that the legacy is shrouded in mystery. 

To uncover the truth, Black will travel a violent and treacherous path. A path which leads to devastating consequences.

This is Adam Black’s biggest challenge yet. And, to endure it, he must once again resort to the skill he is an expert in. Killing for survival.

But will Black make it back in one piece or will it result in his undoing?

Adam Black series

Book 1 – Unleashed

Book 2 – Violation

Exciting, Enigmatic & Thrilling!

What a heart-pumping read! I didn’t think it could supersede the first in series, but this one does just that!

Adam Black’s life is bleak since the loss of his wife and child and he has completely re-organised his working life. When he receives a phone call regarding the last will and testament of a man whose name is unfamiliar, it niggles away at him. There must be a reason he’s been contacted, and Adam just can’t let it be . . .

This is a book which demands the reader’s full attention from the beginning to the very end – so much going on! Enigmatic, exciting and so very gripping, this kept me on my toes. As I raced towards the last few pages, I was aware of my heart thudding in my chest, and then some! This is an author who knows how to write and keep the pressure on; there isn’t a wasted word all the way through! I loved the little snippets of information about the SAS – the made me laugh and gasp in equal measure. A first-class, absolutely thrilling read from Karl Hill and fully worth each and every one of the five sparkling stars I’m happy to give this novel, and it should go without saying that I give it my very highest recommendation!

My thanks to the publisher for my copy; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: crime thriller

Karl Hill lives in sunny Scotland, in the village of Eaglesham, on the outskirts of Glasgow. For his sins, he is a practicing lawyer, and has been for over twenty-five years. He tries to keep fit, by going to the gym every three years or so. Or is it four? He lives with his wife and daughter, and two remarkably ugly cats, both suffering personality disorders. The cats, that is. When he’s not experiencing the joys of looking through title deeds, he loves to read a good thriller. And, of course, he loves to write.

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