June 2020


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June 2020



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I don’t know about you, but I can hardly believe this is the end of June! It’s been the strangest of years; lockdown has altered so much and yet my day-to-day life has changed very little, although I’m missing my family. My husband is working from home – our dining room is now his office and we’ve all got used to it pretty quickly. The boys (our two labradors) now sit looking at that door instead of the front one when it’s time for him to finish up – even for lunch!

It’s been another busy month for reading; I’ve actually read 30 books but with publication dates changing to later dates, I’ve only posted 28 reviews. And what a fabulous selection I’ve got through! From psychological thrillers to romantic comedies and plenty in between, I’ve enjoyed them all on some level.

Now it’s crunch time; which one made it to my Book of the Month? As usual I’ve read through of all my favourites and done a bit of  hard thinking, and I really can’t look past Kitty Wilson‘s final book in her Cornish Village School Series – Happy Ever After. This has been a marvellous, entertaining series which has made me smile and giggle ever since I opened the very first one. With each novel focusing on different characters, there is always something new happening but throughout the series one woman has featured as obnoxious and controlling and picking her to star in the final book in series is nothing short of brilliant! I adored everything about this story and feel that the series has been wrapped up with a huge satin bow! A worthy winner of my Book of the Month and I cannot recommend these five novels highly enough.

Onto next month! I’m already well into my July list which is a lot shorter due to my taking two weeks off, although that may well change depending on how much reading I complete during my break. Life without books is just unthinkable! After a brief burst of hot, sunny weather it’s currently raining (again) here in Scotland, so I live in hope of a fortnight’s summer temperatures so I can improve my tan!

As always, I’m very grateful to all the authors and publishers who continue to trust me with their novels and to everyone who continues to read, follow, like and share my reviews. Wishing you all safe and happy times to come.








012. Hrt 175 centred





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