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Written by Fenella J. Miller


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1942 – The war rages on and Ellie must do her bit!

Ellie Simpson isn’t your usual Spitfire pilot, but then with the world at war nothing is quite as it used to be! The ATA is calling upon its most expert and trusted pilots to deliver the precious bombers wherever they’re needed, and Ellie, who can fly a Spitfire as well as the boys on the frontline, is their newest recruit.

Giving her all to a job she loves leaves Ellie precious little time for Squadron Leader Jack Reynolds. And while Ellie is brave enough to take the controls of a Spitfire, it takes a different kind of courage to open her heart to love once again.

With her friends and family in constant danger she realises that their love is strong enough to stand the test of all the hardship the war can throw at them.

An emotional historical fiction that tells the story of friendship, camaraderie and triumph over adversity.


The Spitfire Girl series

Book 1 – The Spitfire Girl

Book 2 – The Spitfire Girl in the Skies

Book 3 – A Wedding for the Spitfire Girl


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Marvellous Third Book in Series!    Stars 4.5


I’ve loved this series so far, and this is another worthy addition.

The war is moving on, and with it the role of women. Now in the ATA, Ellie is busy ferrying planes around from one base to another; she loves her job and is glad to be kept busy after the deaths of both her brother and her fiancee. Her friendship with Jack is ongoing and he would like it to be much, much more but she is still grieving for Greg. It’s hard to further any kind of relationship when their paths cross so rarely . . .

This third book continues on seamlessly from the first two; it’s a wonderful series and I love that it focuses on a different aspect of the war. There is no doubt that the women of the ATA were both brave and fearless, and in today’s world of equality it’s good to remember how far the ‘fairer sex’ have come! This author always scripts an easily readable novel with full on information on the war as well as excellent characterisation throughout. I was a bit surprised when it ended a little abruptly though! It’s a marvellous tale, and one I really enjoyed. As the end of the war is still some way off, I can look forward to the next book and I can’t wait. I’m delighted to give this one four and a half stars!

My thanks to publisher Aria for my copy via NetGalley, and to Vicky Joss for my spot in this tour. This is my honest, original and unbiased review.


Tags: historical saga, women’s fiction, WWII
  • Format: ebook, paperback
  • Size: 346 pages
  • Publisher: Aria
  • Publication Date: 10 October 2019
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Author Bio


LpBS0XRgFenella J Miller was born in the Isle of Man. Her father was a Yorkshire man and her mother the daughter of a Rajah. She has worked as a nanny, cleaner, field worker, hotelier, chef, secondary and primary teaches and is now a full time writer. She has over thirty eight Regency romantic adventures published plus four Jane Austen variations, three Victorian sagas and seven WW2 family sagas. She lives in a pretty, riverside village in Essex with her husband and British Shorthair cat. She has two adult children and three grandchildren.


Social Media

Website: fenellajmiller.co.uk

Twitter: @fenellawriter

Facebook: @fenellajmiller


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