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Written by Kendra Smith


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Three women. Three very different lives. One life-changing adventure.

Charlie is a single mum unlucky in life. Her multiple jobs make barely enough to feed the family cat, never mind being able to give her son the life he deserves. So when an opportunity to make a lot of cash comes along, she simply has to take it.

Suzie has always wanted to be a mother. But fate has been cruel and now time is running out. Soon her final frozen egg will be destroyed and her last chance of having a baby will go with it. With her husband resolved to their childless life Suzie takes matters into her own hands.

Dawn is about to turn fifty and seems to have misplaced her mojo along with the car keys. But with an interfering mother-in-law and a gaggle of judgemental mums at her children’s school, it’s proving harder to find than a decent fitting bra. Especially after a series of highly embarrassing incidents…

Over the course of a year three lives are about to collide and as they do be prepared to laugh, cry and fall in love with these women as they discover how life can give you a second chance.

Perfect for fans of Lucy Diamond, Marian Keyes, Sophie Kinsella and Paige Toon.




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Beautifully Written!  Stars 5


A very observant and quite touching novel about three women, their lives, families and friendships.

Charlie is a single mother doing her best to get by – and not managing it at all. Suzie is desperate for children, but she and her husband have fertility issues. Dawn is fast approaching the big 5-0 and desperately wants to bring some zing back into her marriage; so far she’s not reaching that goal. Three women who all need a fairy godmother .. or are there other answers to their problems out there?

This is an all-encompassing novel; the kind of book – and I may just be talking from experience here – that you take to bed assuming you’ll just read a little bit and before you know it you’re hooked! Beautifully written, and completely engrossing; a lovely story about hopes and dreams and the different ways to accomplish them. Three completely different women whose lives become entangled and we are privy to their thoughts and fears. Cleverly structured, I felt like a fourth invisible friend – in on all the secrets! There are a few unexpected events along the way, adding to the story and keeping the reader on their toes. A thoroughly entertaining and worthwhile read, and definitely worth a full five stars.

My thanks to Aria fiction for my copy via NetGalley, and in particular to Victoria Joss for my place on this Blog Tour. All opinions given are entirely my own.


Tags: romance, women’s fiction
  • Format: ebook
  • Size: 382 pages
  • Publisher: Aria
  • Publication Date: 20 June 2019
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Meet the Author


Kendra Smith


Kendra Smith has been a journalist, wife, mother, aerobics teacher, qualified diver and very bad cake baker. She started her career in Sydney selling advertising space but quickly made the leap to editorial – and went on to work on several women’s magazines in both Sydney and London. With dual Australian-British nationality, she currently lives in Surrey with her husband and three children.


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Facebook: @kendrasmithauthor

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Website: www.ariafiction.com

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