Closer Than You Think #BookReview #TCKPublishing

Written by Lee Maguire


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Meet Bryce Davison, a gifted psychologist who can heal any troubled mind—except his own.
You see, Bryce’s life is falling apart. His marriage is crumbling. His insomnia brings only half-sleep and troubled dreams—visions of dark and buried memories he’d rather forget or ignore completely. And the new female patient in his psych ward just might be more trouble than he’s able to cope with.

…and now he has a stalker.

Somebody’s been watching Bryce for a long time. Somebody who knows his life inside and out—his fears, his regrets, his greatest longings and deepest despairs. Somebody with access to his most private places—his workplace, his home, his family…anywhere Bryce might have felt safe.

They do their dirty work in the shadows… and they want Bryce Davison dead.

So Bryce has got to get his life together. To save his patients. To save his family. To save his marriage…and his life.

Because no matter how close Bryce gets to the deadly truth, the enigmatic stalker is always closer than he thinks.

Fans of psychological thrillers like I Am Watching You by Teresa Driscoll, Stillhouse Lake by Rachel Caine, and No Exit by Taylor Adams will love this book.




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Thrilling, Gripping Read!  Stars 5


What a thrilling read! Completely plausible, and all the more frightening because of it.

Bryce Davison is a psychologist with a fairly senior position. Most of his work entails looking after troubled children in a residential unit. He is very much in control of his work life, but his personal life is anything but smooth and he tends to let things get to him. The last thing he needs in his life is a stalker – but it seems that is exactly what he has got.

For a debut novel, this is a fantastic read. Not in the least far-fetched, this is an entirely believable scenario. I was invested in the story from the very beginning; beautifully written in an easy flowing style, it is a riveting read. With no shortage of goings-on and no idea of who the stalker is, this is a gripping novel and one which I thoroughly enjoyed. There are lighter moments with the presence of Max, a very charismatic dog with real personality who made me smile, even when I was nervous about the situations Bryce found himself in. Did I guess ‘whodunnit’? Not a chance! It was a real eye-opener, and so gratifying to have all the loose ends tied up before the final page. This is a series – and an author – I will happily follow in future; in fact, I’m looking forward to reading more about Dr Davison. An exciting book which has fully earned five stars.

My thanks to Maria Inot of TCK Publishing for my copy. This is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.


Tags: psychological thriller
  • Format: ebook, paperbak
  • Size: 314 pages
  • Publisher: TCK Publishing
  • Publication Date: 22 October 2018
  • Purchase Links: Barnes & Noble
  •                                 amazon




Meet the Author


Lee MaguireLee Maguire has practised as a psychotherapist, behavioral health consultant, clinical supervisor, and taught master’s doctoral level psychology students. His clinical practice included the frequent application of clinical hypnosis.

Lee grew up reading mysteries and thrillers, and psychological suspense quickly became his preferred genre. Writing such a work became a passion.

Closer Than You Think is book one of the planned Broken Minds Thriller series featuring Doctor Bryce Davison.


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