The House at Hope Corner #BookReview #Bookouture

Written by Emma Davies


150 hrt


The view across the valley takes her breath away; everywhere she looks tiny patches of colour – ochre, chestnut, lime and purple. The farmhouse behind her glows pink in the morning sun. Finally, Flora has the home of her dreams… but is she about to lose it?

Free-spirited Flora Dunbar is heartbroken at the news that she must close down her beloved little flower shop on the high-street. As she packs away her pretty pots and vases and locks the door for the very last time, the only spark of hope is an offer from Ned, a gorgeous farmer with an irresistible twinkle in his eye, to come and start a new life on his family farm.

Arriving at Hope Corner, Flora’s heart sings as she takes in the stunning landscape that surrounds her new home. But it’s not long before she realises that her creative, romantic thinking has no place in a household built on tradition and strict routine.

Pulling up her signature striped socks and throwing herself into her chores, little by little Flora blossoms as she learns to love the order and patterns of life on the land, feeding the chickens every morning and checking on the cows at night. But the more she understands about her new home, the more she suspects it’s under threat, and worse, that Ned is hiding something from her…

But this time, Flora’s not going to run from her problems, especially not when she was just beginning to let herself believe that Ned could really be The One.

Can she find a way to save her relationship AND the first house she’s ever truly called home?

An absolutely gorgeous and utterly uplifting romance to sweep you off your feet! Perfect reading for fans of Jenny Colgan, Lucy Diamond and Debbie Johnson.








Tremendously Enjoyable!  Stars 5 Jump


With all the trademark warmth and humour I’ve come to expect from Emma Davies, this is a novel which surpassed all my expectations!

Flora Dunbar runs her own flower shop; a successful business until recently and she is weighing up her options when she meets and falls in love with Ned, a farmer. When his proposal follows very quickly, her decision is made and she moves to the country with him. Ned lives with his hard-working parents; his mother is a lovely woman but rather set in her ways and Flora struggles to settle in. Then disaster strikes and, to make things worse, there are secrets being hidden from her. But Flora loves Ned and adores her new surroundings; she has no intention of abandoning her life for a second time.

This is a exceptionally well-woven tale of country life, family and acceptance. Sinking into an Emma Davies book is like lying on a super-fluffed up bed and just allowing yourself to drift. The story is stunning; beautifully crafted with extremely realistic characters in the most wonderfully described setting. Anyone with the faintest notion of having green fingers will be itching to get out into the garden and begin creating! I’ve loved this author’s writing from the very first and I truly believe she has excelled with this novel – the warmth just pours out of it and it is a tremendously enjoyable read! I cannot recommend this one highly enough; if you love a good story then this is one you most definitely won’t want to miss. A full five dancing, glowing stars!

My thanks to publisher Bookouture for my copy via NetGalley. All opinions stated here are entirely my own, as always.


Tags: romance, women’s fiction
  • Format: ebook, paperback
  • Size: 295 pages
  • Publisher: Bookouture
  • Publication Date: 10 May 2019
  • Purchase Links: Google Play
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Meet the Author


Emma DaviesAfter a varied career, Emma Davies once worked for a design studio where she was asked to provide a fun and humorous (and not necessarily true) anecdote for their website. She wrote the following: ‘I am a bestselling novelist currently masquerading as a thirty something mother of three.’ Well the job in the design studio didn’t work out but she’s now a forty something mother of three and is happy to report the rest of her dream came true.

After many years as a finance manager she now writes full time, and is far happier playing with words than numbers. She lives with her husband, three children, and two guinea pigs in rural Shropshire where she writes in all the gaps in between real life. It’s a county she adores, her love of its beautiful people and landscapes providing endless inspiration for her books, and in fact the only thing that would make Shropshire more idyllic is if it were by the sea.

Pop over to her website where, amongst other things, you can read about her passion for Pringles and singing loudly in the car. You can also wave to her on twitter @EmDaviesAuthor or find her on Facebook (a little too often than is good for her).




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