Eden St Michel #BookReview #IndieAuthor

Written by F. R. Jameson


150 hrt


Avenging her secret could put a noose around both their necks…

Joe might be a stuntman, but still he’d never expect to end up in bed with a genuine movie star. However, that’s what happens the night he meets the ultra-glamorous, Eden St. Michel. Swiftly they’re the talk of the town. Their passion fast, intense and dangerous.

But Eden has scars from her past, both mental and physical. Joe needs to be her hero, although retribution won’t be easy. One misstep could mean the end of their careers and – maybe – their lives.

After a sudden moment of violence, Joe finds himself in deadly trouble. He may have the love of a good woman, yet it’s leading him to the gallows.

But what if the only way to save Eden is to make that ultimate sacrifice?

Eden St. Michel: Scandal, Death and a British Film Star is a must-read for all fans of hard-boiled crime and film noir. If you love the thrillers of Megan Abbott, Guy Bolton and James Ellroy, then you will adore Eden St. Michel!








Unpredictable and Attention Grabbing Read!  Stars 5


A second excellent read in the Screen Siren Noir series – I suspect this author is converting me to crime noir …

Eden St Michel is not only drop dead gorgeous but has the presence required of a star of the silver screen. Joe is a stuntman in the film studios; well aware of who Eden is but never in a million years does he expect to find himself in the throes of romance with her – or any film star, come to that. Their love affair soon becomes fodder for the gossips and rumour mill …

Eden and Joe’s romance is beautifully written, conveying the deep passion between them, but when confronted with Eden’s past, Joe has problems controlling his anger and the results are not pretty. As Eden’s champion, he upsets some fairly big names in the movie business, but never shies away from being her protector. As the story rolls on, serious consequences have to be paid but by whom and at what cost? With plenty of other things happening at the same time, there are several twists and turns in this one, making it an unpredictable and attention-grabbing read from a talented author. This series has given me plenty of food for thought, and it’s obvious that the #MeToo campaign was well overdue! A well-rounded tale with a good array of characters, this  has demanded my full attention throughout. Indeed, this is a series I would happily recommend!

My thanks to the author for my copy of his novel. This is, of course, my honest, original and unbiased review.


Tags: crime noir
  • Format: ebook, paperback
  • Size: 288 pages
  • Publisher: amazon media
  • Publication Date: 18 July 2019
  • Purchase Links: amazon




Meet the Author


F.R. Jameson

F.R. Jameson was born in Wales, but now lives in London with his wife and young daughter. He writes both historical thrillers and supernatural thrillers.

His books are, at the moment, mostly sorted into two different – but complimentary – series. The first, ‘Screen Siren Noir’, currently comprises of three novels: ‘Diana Christmas’, ‘Eden St. Michel’ and ‘Alice Rackham’. All of which tell the stories of beautiful British film stars caught up in Noir tales of blackmail, obsession, scandal and death. He is currently working on both the fourth and fifth books in the series.

The second series is more disturbing and scary, and lives under the moniker: ‘Ghostly Shadows’. Right now there is only one book published, a tale of supernatural revenge – ‘Death at the Shadows’. However, 2019 will bring four more entries to terrify and intrigue.

His blog – https://frjameson.com/ – is regularly updated with information about his writing, as well as film and book reviews. You can follow him @frjameson on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, and you can find him on Facebook.




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