Whisky From Small Glasses #BookReview #DCIDaley#1

Written by Denzil Meyrick


150 hrt


DCI Jim Daley is sent from the city to investigate a murder after the body of a woman is washed up on an idyllic beach on the West Coast of Scotland.

Far away from urban resources, he finds himself a stranger in a close-knit community.

Love, betrayal, fear and death stalk the small town, as Daley investigates a case that becomes more deadly than he could possibly imagine, in this compelling novel infused with intrigue and dark humour.

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Skilfully Plotted Thriller!   Stars 5


I first became aware of Denzil Meyrick’s novels via The UK Crime Book Club on Facebook, and have had his first book waiting on my ereader ever since. This was so worth waiting for, and I look forward to catching up with the rest of the DCI Daley series!

Jim Daley is in the Glasgow force; used to working in Paisley with all the resources to hand, it comes as a bit of a shock to the system to be sent to a rural location where the locals know what’s happening almost before his team does. But murder is the same wherever it occurs, and this is a case that needs solving.

British crime thrillers are my favourite in the genre; I enjoy reading about the varying locations and relish the differing accents. What a treat to read one set in my own wee corner of Scotland! A skilfully-plotted thriller which has true-to-life characters and the typical humour of the ‘glesga polis’ which really lightened the tone of the investigation. I thought I had worked it out, but no chance – I was way off! This is an enthralling read which captured my attention from the word go. The location comes across as truly stunning. There is plenty going on around the main focus of the case, but Jim Daley’s attention never wavers. His relationship with his sergeant is completely captivating, injecting much humour typical of the west of Scotland – and I really hope these two feature together in the rest of the series. A well-paced and extremely well-written novel, this is worth every one of the five shining stars I’m more than happy to give it. Roll on book two!

I purchased this book, and this review is entirely my own.


Tags: crime thriller, police procedural, Scottish
  • Format: ebook, paperback, audio
  • Size: 368 pages
  • Publisher: Birlinn
  • Publication Date: 12 February 2014
  • Purchase Links: Google Play
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Meet the Author


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Denzil Meyrick was educated in Argyll, then after studying politics, joined Strathclyde Police, serving in Glasgow. After being injured and developing back problems, he entered the business world, and has operated in many diverse roles, including director of a large engineering company and distillery manager, as well as owning a number of his own companies, such as a public bar and sales and marketing company. D. A. Meyrick has also worked as a freelance journalist in both print and on radio. His first novel, Whisky from Small Glasses, was published by Ringwood in 2012.








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