Diary of an Adorable Fat Girl

Written by Bernice Bloom


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Bernice Bloom is the big, new name in comedy writing…this is the first installment of her great new series of laugh-out-loud mini books. 


Mary Brown is funny, gorgeous and bonkers. She’s also about six stone overweight. When she realises she can’t cross her legs, has trouble bending over to tie her shoelaces without wheezing like an elderly chain-smoker, and discovers that even her hands and feet look fat, it’s time to take action. But what action? She’s tried every diet under the sun.
This six-book series is the hysterical story of what happens when Mary joins ‘Fat Club’ where she meets a cast of funny characters and one particular man who catches her eye.
The story is laugh-out-loud funny and will resonate with anyone who has dieted, tried to keep up with any sort of exercise programme or spent 10 minutes in a changing room trying to extricate herself from a way too-small garment that she ambitiously tried on and is now completely stuck in.


The second installment is here: http://amzn.eu/5CV8qqh





So Honest .. AND Funny!!  225

For anyone who has ever fought with weight gain (and there more of us out there than you would think!) this is a definite must read.

Mary is a good-looking, glamorous young woman with an amazing personality and a matching sense of humour. She has, however, rock bottom self-esteem. Knowing she is overweight affects every part of her life and she joins a local group – referred to as ‘Fat Club’ by the half-dozen members – hoping that this will be the one to sort out her eating issues. Not a slimming club, more of a self help affair with the guidance of Liz, the lady who gathers them all together each week.

There are a lot of home truths in this novel, but all wrapped up with love and surrounded by fun – I suspect the author has herself struggled with a few extra pounds. It is very depressing to continually be lectured to and if you have that experience then this is the book to buy. It’s so funny and entertaining, and I defy anyone not to feel better about their own weight gain after reading this.

I’m very happy this this is the first in a series, and hope to slip the remaining books into my reading list, so I can laugh and feel so good all over again!

My thanks to Rachel’s Random Resources for providing my copy via NetGalley. This is my honest, original and unbiased review.


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  • Publisher: Gold Medals Media; 1 edition
  • Publication Date: 7 January 2016
  • Link to Buy: http://amzn.eu/ayJgPZq


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Meet the Author

51EOkbHktlL._SY200_Hello, My name is Bernice Bloom and I write funny novels about a crazy lady called Mary Brown in my ‘Adorable Fat Girl’ series. I also write romantic fiction about a family of sisters who live in a ramshackle pink house on the beach in Cove Bay (Torn Between Two Lovers). I hope you enjoy them xx

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