Monthly Roundup .. December

shadow heart


The end of another year has come and gone, and now I have time to look over my books read in December – a total of nineteen. Given that I was still trying to recover from illness as well as preparing for Christmas, I’m rather pleased!

As always, a good mix of my favourite genres although given the season I probably favoured some over others as I do love a good Christmas read.

So here’s a quick recap of the novels I read last month:











shadow heart


This is never an easy task. I enjoy reading so much and this roundup affords me the chance to relive last month’s reads all over again, and to consider which one is my favourite. Which one stayed with me the most? Which book stands out? Well, for December it has to be The Girl I Used to Know by Faith Hogan – very different from her previous novels but soooo delicious!




In the next few days, I shall review my reads for the whole of 2017 .. don’t miss it!








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