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Reviewerlady’s Book Cushions

Available Now!     Have you ever wanted a cushion for your e-reader, book, tablet or phone? Available now at an affordable price! Hand made from top quality chenille fabric, these cushions come in a range of colours – as shown above – and measuring approx. 25x25x32 cm (roughly 10x10x12 inches). At prices including P&P (UK), these are ideal to treat yourself or to give … Continue reading Reviewerlady’s Book Cushions

When The Time Comes by Adele O’Neill #BlogTour #BookExtract #Aria

            ‘I couldn’t remember how you take yours,’ she says ten minutes later as she kicks the door with her foot to open it, ‘so I put sugar and milk in.’ She places both cups on the table that separates us. I pull the plastic lid from the cup and blow, the steam folds over the rim and slides down … Continue reading When The Time Comes by Adele O’Neill #BlogTour #BookExtract #Aria

The Hidden Girl & Other Stories by Ken Liu #BlogTour #BookExtract #HeadofZeus #MidasPR

        From a Tang Dynasty legend of a young girl trained as an assassin with the ability to skip between dimensions on a secluded mountain sanctuary to a space colony called Nova Pacifica that reflects on a post-apocalyptic world of the American Empire and ‘Moonwalker’ Neil Armstrong, award-winning author Ken Liu’s writings are laced with  depictions of silkpunk fantasy, Sci-Fi and old … Continue reading The Hidden Girl & Other Stories by Ken Liu #BlogTour #BookExtract #HeadofZeus #MidasPR