The Three Mrs Wrights by Linda Keir #BookReview #LakeUnion #NetGalley #3.5*

Mr. Wright has everything. All that’s left to give him is what he deserves. Lark has good things coming: a career as a board-game designer and a whirlwind romance with a handsome investor. Trip is so compassionate and supportive, he’s almost too good to be true. Jessica has always been cautious, but she can’t resist Jonathan. The brilliant TED-talking visionary has big plans for his … Continue reading The Three Mrs Wrights by Linda Keir #BookReview #LakeUnion #NetGalley #3.5*

The Garden of Forgotten Wishes by Trisha Ashley #BookReview #TransworldDigital #NetGalley #5*

The delightful Sunday Times bestselling novel from Trisha Ashley All Marnie wants is somewhere to call home.  Mourning lost years spent in a marriage that has finally come to an end, she needs a fresh start and time to heal. Things she hopes to find in the rural west Lancashire village her mother always told her about. With nothing but her two green thumbs, Marnie takes a … Continue reading The Garden of Forgotten Wishes by Trisha Ashley #BookReview #TransworldDigital #NetGalley #5*

Autumn Spice on Sunflower Street by Rachel Griffiths #BookReview #CosyCottageBooks #5*

This autumn, enjoy an uplifting story about life, love, family and friendship from the author of The Cosy Cottage Café series. Joanne Baker often feels like she’s drifting through life. She’s thirty-two, works at the local café and still lives with her parents. She tells people it’s because she’s saving for a mortgage deposit, but the real reason she hasn’t moved out is something she doesn’t … Continue reading Autumn Spice on Sunflower Street by Rachel Griffiths #BookReview #CosyCottageBooks #5*

More Than by Diane Barnes #BookReview #RedAdeptPublishing #5*

“You are obese, Mrs. Moriarty.” Peggy Moriarty is stunned by her doctor’s words. She knows she’s let herself go a bit, but she thinks the young, skinny physician is exaggerating. Her husband’s death fourteen years ago left her to raise their twins, Grace and Greg, alone. But now that they’re teenagers, doing their own things, her only hobby is watching Messages from Beyond, a show … Continue reading More Than by Diane Barnes #BookReview #RedAdeptPublishing #5*

Refuge by Willa J. Brand #BookReview #IndieAuthor #4.5*

Taylor is a mother on the run from an abusive husband, searching for a safe place for she and her young son. Convinced that her possessive spouse is hunting them, she is paranoid, exhausted and virtually penniless. Finding herself stranded in rural Montana, she is taken in by a couple who help her not knowing her past, and she is able to find work on … Continue reading Refuge by Willa J. Brand #BookReview #IndieAuthor #4.5*

The Faithfuls by Cecilia Lyra #BookReview #Bookouture #NetGalley #4.5*

Family always comes first. Alma, New York is the perfect town, right down to the coordinated shopfront decorations on Main Street, and Gina Dewar is the perfect wife, mother, daughter-in-law. She understands the responsibility that comes with marrying into America’s golden family, and she tries not to burden her husband Bobby with drama from her own small-town past. But a summer house in the Hamptons doesn’t always buy happiness, … Continue reading The Faithfuls by Cecilia Lyra #BookReview #Bookouture #NetGalley #4.5*

Postscript by Cecilia Ahern #BookReview #HarperCollins #NetGalley #4*

The long-awaited sequel to the international bestseller PS, I Love You. The PS, I Love You Club. These are the six words written on a card handed to Holly Kennedy. They’re words that are engraved on her heart – because PS, I Love You is how her husband, Gerry, signed his last letters to her, letters that mark a year she will never forget. Now, the mysterious club wants … Continue reading Postscript by Cecilia Ahern #BookReview #HarperCollins #NetGalley #4*

Eudora Honeysett is Quite Well, Thank You by Annie Lyons #BookReview #OneMoreChapter #NetGalley #5*

Eudora Honeysett is done – with all of it. Having seen first-hand what a prolonged illness can create, the eighty-five-year-old has no intention of leaving things to chance. With one call to a clinic in Switzerland she takes her life into her own hands. But then ten-year-old Rose arrives in a riot of colour on her doorstep. Now, as precocious Rose takes Eudora on adventures … Continue reading Eudora Honeysett is Quite Well, Thank You by Annie Lyons #BookReview #OneMoreChapter #NetGalley #5*