The Other Woman by Jane Adams #BookReview #JoffeBooks #4*

Marcie never wanted to feel this way about her grandfather. Uneasy, resentful, afraid. She’s always been his favourite, his Bird — the helpless little thing who stole his heart at birth. Now he is dying and Marcie can’t stand to be around him. Day and night, he raves of Rebekkah, a raven-haired beauty who never leaves his side. She is not his wife.She is not … Continue reading The Other Woman by Jane Adams #BookReview #JoffeBooks #4*

The Whispers by Heidi Perks #BookReview #CornerstoneDigital #NetGalley #4.5*

‘Heidi Perks‘ new novel takes ‘sinisterness at the school gates’ to a scary new level. You’ll be watching your step’ JANE CORRY A MISSING WIFE. FOUR FRIENDS. WHO IS TELLING THE TRUTH? Anna Robinson hasn’t been seen since she went on a night out with her four closest friends.She has a loving husband and a son she adores. Surely she wouldn’t abandon them and her … Continue reading The Whispers by Heidi Perks #BookReview #CornerstoneDigital #NetGalley #4.5*

The Last Thing to Burn by Will Dean #BookReview #HodderandStoughton #NetGalley #5*

He is her husband. She is his captive. Her husband calls her Jane. That is not her name. She lives in a small farm cottage, surrounded by vast, open fields. Everywhere she looks, there is space. But she is trapped. No one knows how she got to the UK: no one knows she is there. Visitors rarely come to the farm; if they do, she … Continue reading The Last Thing to Burn by Will Dean #BookReview #HodderandStoughton #NetGalley #5*

The Night Swim by Megan Goldin #BookReview #MirrorBooks #NetGalley #5*

In The Night Swim, a true-crime podcast host covering a controversial trial finds herself drawn deep into a small town’s dark past and a brutal crime that took place there years before. Ever since her true-crime podcast became an overnight sensation and set an innocent man free, Rachel Krall has become a household name – and the last hope for people seeking justice. But she’s used … Continue reading The Night Swim by Megan Goldin #BookReview #MirrorBooks #NetGalley #5*

The Conviction by John Mathews #BookReview #IndieAuthor #5*

A Tense Political Thriller About Getting Vigilante Justice Two murders are responsible for an innocent man getting sentenced to life in prison for their crimes. An inept defense attorney and a crooked prosecutor let these criminals serve short sentences with a bogus plea deal. The four of them have been lured inside an abandoned warehouse, where each of them will have to play a terrifying … Continue reading The Conviction by John Mathews #BookReview #IndieAuthor #5*