A Lifetime Ago by Jim Ody #BookReview #HudsonBell1 #QuestionMarkPress #4.5*

This is a tale about how the events of one day have such catastrophic consequences on the future. Hudson Bell is a consultant for the police. A former DI, he spends his days helping to find missing children. May and her son go on a road trip to celebrate his birthday; Robert and Nadia buy their dream house by the sea. But as each look … Continue reading A Lifetime Ago by Jim Ody #BookReview #HudsonBell1 #QuestionMarkPress #4.5*

You Can Trust Me by Emma Rowley #BookReview #Orion #NetGalley #4*

You can trust me.But can I trust you? Olivia is the domestic goddess who has won millions of followers by sharing her picture-perfect life online. And now she’s releasing her tell-all autobiography. For professional ghostwriter Nicky it’s the biggest job of her career. But as she delves deeper into Olivia’s life, cracks begin to appear in the glamorous façade. From the strained relationship with her … Continue reading You Can Trust Me by Emma Rowley #BookReview #Orion #NetGalley #4*

Gamble by Anita Waller #BookReview #BloodhoundBooks #5*

Would you risk everything? Carla Andrews and Lorraine West are work colleagues and best friends. They socialise together, they work in the same bookmakers and they support each other as only best friends can. Then they are murdered together. When DI Tom Fowler is handed the case, he discovers a journal that Carla has left and must unpick the secrets Lorraine has kept hidden. Soon … Continue reading Gamble by Anita Waller #BookReview #BloodhoundBooks #5*