Don’t Tell by Paul Williams #BookReview #Bloodhound #4.5*

Some secrets are too big to keep… How well do you really know your husband?  Carrie and Steve Atwell have been happily married for fifteen years and live an idyllic life. But Carrie has no idea her world is about to be turned upside down when she finds a single earring in her husband Steve’s car. At first, she suspects the man she loves is having an affair, but the truth … Continue reading Don’t Tell by Paul Williams #BookReview #Bloodhound #4.5*

Truth Games by Caroline England #BookReview #Piatkus #5*

She tries hard to be the perfect mother, the perfect partner, the perfect daughter – but Ellie never seems to get it right. When an old friend from university re-enters their lives, dark memories from Ellie’s past begin to resurface. As Ellie starts to unravel some shocking and sinister realities, she realises that she must choose between keeping the family she loves – and facing … Continue reading Truth Games by Caroline England #BookReview #Piatkus #5*

The Package by Sebastian Fitzek #BookReview #HeadofZeus #NetGalley #4.5*

All you’ve done is taken in a parcel for a neighbour. You have no idea what you’ve let into your home. Emma’s the one that got away. The only survivor of a killer known in the tabloids as ‘the hairdresser’ – because of the trophies he takes from his victims. Or she thinks she was. The police aren’t convinced. Nor is her husband. She never … Continue reading The Package by Sebastian Fitzek #BookReview #HeadofZeus #NetGalley #4.5*

The Push by Claire McGowan #BookReview #AmazonPublishing #NetGalley #5*

From the bestselling author of What You Did comes a stunning psychological thriller. One party. Thirteen people. By 3.02 p.m., one of them will be dead. The party should have been perfect: six couples from the same baby group, six newborns, a luxurious house. But not everything has gone to plan, and while some are here to celebrate, others have sorrows to drown. When someone falls from … Continue reading The Push by Claire McGowan #BookReview #AmazonPublishing #NetGalley #5*

Come Back Home by Jim Ody #BookReview #HudsonBell2 #QuestionMarkPress #4.5*

Fifteen-year-old Cappy, steps from his home and disappears without trace. Years later Cappy is reunited with his twin-sister Zoe, only for him to disappear again the following day. All that’s left of him is a number of clues. Hudson and Jez are determined to solve the case, and Cappy isn’t the only teen to have gone missing. Where have all of the missing children gone? … Continue reading Come Back Home by Jim Ody #BookReview #HudsonBell2 #QuestionMarkPress #4.5*

The Chalet by Catherine Cooper #BookReview #HarperCollins #NetGalley #4.5*

Four friends. One luxury getaway. The perfect murder. French Alps, 1998 Two young men ski into a blizzard… but only one returns. 20 years later Four people connected to the missing man find themselves in that same resort. Each has a secret. Two may have blood on their hands. One is a killer-in-waiting. Someone knows what really happened that day. And somebody will pay. An … Continue reading The Chalet by Catherine Cooper #BookReview #HarperCollins #NetGalley #4.5*

The Sisterhood by John Nicholl #BookReview #BloodhoundBooks #5*

DI Laura Kesey is handed the case of a nineteen-year-old female victim of domestic violence. Sally has severe facial bruising but is not prepared to give evidence due to previous bad experiences with the legal system. Kesey refers Sally to the hospital social worker, and soon Sally accepts a place at the local women’s domestic violence refuge managed by Ivy, a survivor who had long … Continue reading The Sisterhood by John Nicholl #BookReview #BloodhoundBooks #5*

The Stolen Sisters by Louise Jensen #BookReview #HQ #NetGalley #4.5*

Sisterhood binds them. Trauma defines them. Will secrets tear them apart? Leah’s perfect marriage isn’t what it seems but the biggest lie of all is that she’s learned to live with what happened all those years ago. Marie drinks a bit too much to help her forget. And Carly has never forgiven herself for not keeping them safe. Twenty years ago The Sinclair Sisters were taken. But what came after … Continue reading The Stolen Sisters by Louise Jensen #BookReview #HQ #NetGalley #4.5*

The Ex-Boyfriend by Rona Halsall #BookReview #Bookouture #NetGalley #5*

He promised to love her until her dying day… When Becca’s first love shows up on her social media feed, she can’t help but smile fondly. Once upon a time Connor was the love of her life, and though it was over ten years ago, he’s always held a place in her heart. Then he sends her a message. He sounds happy – still kind and funny, still living … Continue reading The Ex-Boyfriend by Rona Halsall #BookReview #Bookouture #NetGalley #5*

A Lifetime Ago by Jim Ody #BookReview #HudsonBell1 #QuestionMarkPress #4.5*

This is a tale about how the events of one day have such catastrophic consequences on the future. Hudson Bell is a consultant for the police. A former DI, he spends his days helping to find missing children. May and her son go on a road trip to celebrate his birthday; Robert and Nadia buy their dream house by the sea. But as each look … Continue reading A Lifetime Ago by Jim Ody #BookReview #HudsonBell1 #QuestionMarkPress #4.5*