Kololo Hill by Neema Shah #BookReview #PanMacmillan #NetGalley #4*

When you’re left with nothing but your secrets, how do you start again?Uganda 1972 A devastating decree is issued: all Ugandan Asians must leave the country in ninety days. They must take only what they can carry, give up their money and never return. For Asha and Pran, married a matter of months, it means abandoning the family business that Pran has worked so hard … Continue reading Kololo Hill by Neema Shah #BookReview #PanMacmillan #NetGalley #4*

The Magic Carpet by Jessica Norrie #BookReview #IndieAuthor #4.5*

Outer London, September 2016, and neighbouring eight-year-olds have homework: prepare a traditional story to perform with their families at a school festival. But Nathan’s father thinks his son would be better off doing sums; Sky’s mother’s enthusiasm is as fleeting as her bank balance, and there’s a threatening shadow hanging over poor Alka’s family. Only Mandeep’s fragile grandmother and new girl Xoriyo really understand the … Continue reading The Magic Carpet by Jessica Norrie #BookReview #IndieAuthor #4.5*