The Kitchen Front by Jennifer Ryan #BookReview #PanMacmillan #NetGalley #5*

From the bestselling author of The Chilbury Ladies’ Choir comes an unforgettable novel inspired by true events of a BBC-sponsored wartime cooking competition. Some wars will be fought at home… Two years into World War II, Britain is feeling her losses: The Nazis have won battles, the Blitz has destroyed cities, and U-boats have cut off the supply of food. In an effort to help housewives with … Continue reading The Kitchen Front by Jennifer Ryan #BookReview #PanMacmillan #NetGalley #5*

Wave in D Minor by Laury A. Egan #BookReview #LiteraryWanderlust #4*

Leslie Chase, a young composer, receives the use of an ocean-side Maine house from her patron so she may complete her first opera. As Leslie struggles with loneliness and winter snowstorms, she meets a handsome but troubled man, Matti, and becomes enmeshed with him and his enigmatic relationship with her benefactor. When three opera singers visit, one of them, Sasha, begins to flirt with her, … Continue reading Wave in D Minor by Laury A. Egan #BookReview #LiteraryWanderlust #4*

The Perfect Escape by Leah Konen #BookReview #MichaelJosephPenguin #NetGalley #5*

YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO STOP READING.BECAUSE YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHAT HAPPENS NEXT . . . When her husband Harry walks out after just six months, a girls’ weekend away with two friends seems like just what Sam needs. But they aren’t even halfway to their destination when things start to go wrong: car trouble that just happens to leave them stranded in the town where Harry … Continue reading The Perfect Escape by Leah Konen #BookReview #MichaelJosephPenguin #NetGalley #5*

Death by the Thames by Gretta Mulrooney #BookReview #TyroneSwiftDetective9 #JoffeBooks #5*

Looking for your next unputdownable mystery? Meet Detective Tyrone Swift. He takes the cases that the police have given up on. One dead fiancé.One dead runaway.One woman desperate for answers. Respectable, dull Sam Goddard is found dead in the River Thames the evening before his wedding, with a fifteen-year-old girl. They were both sedated. Sam left a note: So sorry to do this to you . … Continue reading Death by the Thames by Gretta Mulrooney #BookReview #TyroneSwiftDetective9 #JoffeBooks #5*

The List by Michael Leese #BookReview #MarthaMunroCrimeMystery1 #JoffeBooks #4.5*

It was just an ordinary Wednesday lunchtime when Detective Martha Munro’s life changed forever. Her sergeant is speaking, but she barely hears what he’s telling her. Your mother has been shot dead. Your four-year-old daughter has been taken. There are no leads. Who would want to hurt her family? Martha realizes it’s time to ask herself some hard questions about her late father. He led … Continue reading The List by Michael Leese #BookReview #MarthaMunroCrimeMystery1 #JoffeBooks #4.5*

Her Perfect Secret by T. J. Brearton #BookReview #JoffeBooks #5*

A GRIPPING PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER FROM THE BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF GONE. THE PERFECT FIANCÉ OR THE PERFECT LIAR? It’s him. Tom. I helped put his mom in prison for life. She killed his father. I recognize the sharp nose and flare to the nostrils. His thick eyebrows and defined cheekbones. But mostly it’s the eyes. Sea green. THE CONCERNED MOTHER. But my daughter, Joni, keeps calling him Michael. … Continue reading Her Perfect Secret by T. J. Brearton #BookReview #JoffeBooks #5*

A Few of the Girls by Maeve Binchy #BookReview #Orion #5*

‘Her storytelling ability is second to none’ SUNDAY EXPRESS ‘Maeve Binchy is a master storyteller’ NEW YORK TIMES‘The Irish do love telling stories, and we are suspicious of people who don’t have long, complicated conversations. There used to be a rule in etiquette books that you should invite four talkers and four listeners to a dinner party. That doesn’t work in Ireland, because nobody knows … Continue reading A Few of the Girls by Maeve Binchy #BookReview #Orion #5*

A Bitter Bouquet by J. New #BookReview #Tea&SympathyMystery4 #PhantomPress #5*

Meet Lilly Tweed. Former Agony Aunt. Purveyor of Fine Teas. Accidental Sleuth. Organising and catering for a local wedding means the potential to expand into events for Tea Emporium owner Lilly Tweed, and she’s pleased to confirm the booking. But as the bride’s family let her down one by one, Lilly finds herself taking on more tasks than she’d agreed to. Luckily, she’s brought a … Continue reading A Bitter Bouquet by J. New #BookReview #Tea&SympathyMystery4 #PhantomPress #5*