Daily Diary .. November



30th Happy Publication day to Anne John-Ligali for her debut The Big Event.

27th Still battling back to health, and still reading (although it has slowed down somewhat) .. today I’m happy to share my review for Now You See Me by Kierney Scott.

24th Today sees the publication of Lucy’s Book Club for the Lost and Found by Emma Davies, and with it my review!

23rd Catch up with my reviews for Deadly Secret by Mick Bose and The Pets at Primrose Cottage by Sheila Norton today.

22nd Happy to be taking part in the blog tour for Blog Blitz – Christmas Secrets in Snowflake Cove today.

21st While by no means fully recovered I am, at least, beginning to read again (trust me, if the current illness appears in your life – run!). Today I’m happy to share my review for Hattie’s Home by Mary Gibson.

18th Not much happening as I’m fighting illness on all fronts at the moment. Normal service will resume asap!

16th Well, this is a popular day! Hell to Pay by Rachel Amphlett, the fourth book in the Detective Kay Hunter series is released along with Giovanna Fletcher’s Some Kind of Wonderful. I’m also revealing my review for Christmas at the Candied Apple Cafe by Katherine Garbera AND taking part in the Blog Blitz for this novel.

15th Another easy day, one for reading! Not only are my joints all swollen and painful, I think I have a piece of barbed wire in my throat each time I swallow – thank goodness reading is a passive activity! Current novel is The Forgotten Room by Ann Troup.

14th As we’re celebrating not one but two family birthdays today I suspect reading may take a back seat .. however I’m happy to be sharing my review for Some Kind of Wonderful by Giovanna Fletcher.

13th Today I’m reading Some Kind of Wonderful by Giovanni Fletcher .. slightly delayed due to my daughter breaking her wrist yesterday and parents to the rescue!

12th I’m busy writing up my review for Christmas at the Candied Apple Cafe by Katherine Garbera and – as I’m taking part in the blog blitz for this novel later in the week – I’ll be keeping my review under wraps until then. Sundays are made for reading .. enjoy yours!

11th I spent yesterday with my nose glued to The Birthday Girl by Sue Fortin and happily share my review today.

10th Today I’m excited to be sharing my review for  Girl in the Gallery by Alice Castle, second in The London Mysteries and one which I have relished reading!

9th I’m very happy to be sharing my thoughts on Manipulated Lives by H. A. Leuschel which proved to be an intriguing read.

8th Come along and check out Stuck With You by Anna Premoli as today is my stop on the Blog Tour for this rom-com.

7th Catch up with my review for Winter at West Sands Guest House by Maggie Conway – a wonderfully cosy Christmas read.

6th Lots happening today .. I’m delighted to be able to show the cover reveal for Allison Mullinax’s forthcoming novel, Break the Line along with both my review and my spot in the blog tour for Love, Secrets & Absolution by K. L. Loveley.

5th I hope you enjoy the first ‘Indie Author Feature’ .. pop along to A Penny for the Guy by Voinks and find out all about this writer/author.

4th Today I’m delighted to share my review for The Detriment by David Videcette – the type of read that the word ‘thriller’ is right on the button for! Highly recommended.

3rd Check out the cover reveal for The Big Event by Anne John-Ligali today along with the publication of The Best Little Christmas Shop by Maxine Morrey which is a wonderfully warm Christmas read!

2nd Today I  look back over October and decide – and it was NOT easy – which book sat at the top for me. Catch up and see what you think .. Monthly Roundup .. October

1st A new month begins with the publication of not one but two of the novels I’ve read and reviewed. Catch up with Christmas Secrets in Snowflake Cove by Emily Harvale and Stuck with You by Anna Premoli .. and happy reading!