Singles, Set and Match #CoverReveal #RachelsRandomResources

Written by Elaine Spires         The fifth and final book in the Singles’ Series takes us to the Mediterranen island of Ibiza and then back to the Caribbean island of Antigua, where it all began. After making a hard decision two years earlier Eve Mitchell has moved on with the hand that life has dealt her and she finds herself on the … Continue reading Singles, Set and Match #CoverReveal #RachelsRandomResources

I Know You’re There #CoverReveal

Written by Sarah Simpson   My thanks to Victoria Joss of Aria Fiction for inviting me to be a part of this exciting Cover Reveal!     I KNOW YOU’RE THERE is undoubtedly the most eagerly anticipated psychological thriller of 2019. Another unnerving and sublimely twisty tale from the queen of domestic suspense Sarah Simpson – coming in June 2019.           … Continue reading I Know You’re There #CoverReveal