The Pact by Dawn Goodwin #CoverReveal #Aria

I’ll kill yours, if you kill mine. Maddie’s life has come crashing down around her. Her husband has left her and moved on with a new woman and baby. No longer can she run from the past that’s been haunting her. The past has destroyed her future. In a new flat, trying to start a new life, Maddie meets Jade and her young son, Ben. … Continue reading The Pact by Dawn Goodwin #CoverReveal #Aria

Coming Home to Pennvennan Cove by Linn B. Halton #CoverReveal #Aria

    Can Kerra’s Cornish hometown offer the fresh start she needs? When Kerra left the quiet Cornish town of Penvennan Cove for the bright lights of London she didn’t look back. But after the death of her mother, she’s decided it’s time to face her past and return to the place she called home. Her father needs her, and perhaps she needs him more … Continue reading Coming Home to Pennvennan Cove by Linn B. Halton #CoverReveal #Aria

The Never Have I Ever Club by Mary Jayne Baker #CoverReveal #Aria

I’m delighted to take part in this book cover reveal; my thanks to Vicky Joss for including me!     Robyn Bloom thought Ash Barnes was the love of her life – until one day he announced he was leaving her to fly halfway across the world. Months later, Robyn is struggling to move on – but then she has a brainwave: The Never Have … Continue reading The Never Have I Ever Club by Mary Jayne Baker #CoverReveal #Aria

The Summer Island Swap by Samantha Tonge #CoverReveal #Aria

        Sometimes the best holidays are the ones you least expect… After a long and turbulent year, Sarah is dreaming of the five-star getaway her sister has booked them on. White sands, cocktails, massages, the Caribbean is calling to them. But the sisters turn up to tatty beaches, basic wooden shacks, a compost toilet and outdoor cold water showers. It turns out … Continue reading The Summer Island Swap by Samantha Tonge #CoverReveal #Aria

People Like Us #CoverReveal #HeadofZeus

Written by Louise Fein     Leipzig, 1930’s Germany. Hetty Heinrich is a young girl growing up under Nazi rule. With an SS officer father, a brother in the Luftwaffe and a member of the BDM, Hetty is the epitome of a perfect German child. But Walter changes everything. Blond haired, blue-eyed, perfect in every way Walter. The boy who saved her life. A Jew. … Continue reading People Like Us #CoverReveal #HeadofZeus

The Place We Call Home #Cover Reveal

Written by Faith Hogan     Welcome to Ballycove, the home of Corrigan Mills… Set against the backdrop of the beautiful Irish countryside the famed mills have created the finest wool in all of Ireland. Run by the seemingly perfect Corrigan family, but every family has its secrets, and how the mills came to be the Corrigan’s is one of them… Miranda and her husband were … Continue reading The Place We Call Home #Cover Reveal