A Child of the East End ~ Jean Fullerton #BookReview #BlogTour #Corvus #EDPR #4*

Life in Cockney London was tough in the post-war years. The government’s broken promises had led to a chronic housing shortage, rampant crime and families living in squalor. But one thing prevailed: the unbeatable spirit of the East End, a tight-knit community who pulled through the dark times with humour and heart. Drawing on both family history and her own memories of growing up in … Continue reading A Child of the East End ~ Jean Fullerton #BookReview #BlogTour #Corvus #EDPR #4*

The Highland Hens by Judy Leigh #BookReview #BoldwoodBooks #NetGalley #4.5*

‘One of those books that makes you feel good about being alive!’ In the imposing Glen Carrick House overlooking Scotland’s famous Loch Ness, lives eighty-eight-year-old Mimi McKinlay, cared for by her three adult sons. Hamish has inherited his mother’s musical talents, Fin is the responsible brother, and Angus has the complicated and brooding personality to match his dashing good looks. But what all the brothers … Continue reading The Highland Hens by Judy Leigh #BookReview #BoldwoodBooks #NetGalley #4.5*

Small Miracles by Anne Booth #BookReview #RandomHouse #NetGalley #5*

Three nuns play the lottery to save their failing convent, resulting in a story of friendship, community, faith and love. The 1990s are proving tough for the convent. The order of the Sisters of Saint Philomena is down to its three last nuns. The place that Sisters Margaret, Bridget and Cecilia call home is in dire need of repairs and, with no savings and no … Continue reading Small Miracles by Anne Booth #BookReview #RandomHouse #NetGalley #5*

The Moments Between Dreams by Judith F. Brenner #BookReview #GreenleafBookGroupPress #4*

A story of hope, courage, and perseverance Carol misses red flags about Joe’s need for control before she marries him, dashing her dreams for herself and her family. Trouble escalates after their daughter Ellie is paralyzed by the polio virus and Joe returns from WWII. Carol realizes how brutal waking life can be, and she conceals bruises and protects her children the best she can. … Continue reading The Moments Between Dreams by Judith F. Brenner #BookReview #GreenleafBookGroupPress #4*

Marriage & Mayhem for the Tobacco Girls by Lizzie Lane #BookReview #TheTobaccoGirls5 #BoldwoodBooks #NetGalley #5*

Discover the brand new instalment in Lizzie Lane’s bestselling Tobacco Girls series! War is fleeting, but true love last forever… May 1944 Hope and excitement is in the air when news breaks of the allied forces landing in Normandy. D Day has arrived. However, the day-to-day struggles for the Tobacco Girls continue. Carole Thomas wants her old life back. She is burdened with the guilt … Continue reading Marriage & Mayhem for the Tobacco Girls by Lizzie Lane #BookReview #TheTobaccoGirls5 #BoldwoodBooks #NetGalley #5*

July 2022

Well, I’ve moaned about the lack of heat in our summer, so when it arrived it went over the score – thirty degrees plus for Scotland is practically unheard of! I know that those in the south of the country suffered far higher temperatures – at least the weather, in general, is better. After two days we were back to the usual unpredictability. Today is … Continue reading July 2022

Burying the Crown by T. P. Fielden #BookReview #GuyHarford2 #Thomas&Mercer #KindleUnlimited #5*

Even as war rages, there are deep secrets lurking in the heart of Buckingham Palace… Windsor, 1942. War rages through Great Britain. Anna Duckworth, former lover of Prince George, Duke of Kent, is found dead after an enemy bomb blast at her country home. When courtier Guy Harford is called to dispose of incriminating love letters between Anna and the Duke, it becomes clear that … Continue reading Burying the Crown by T. P. Fielden #BookReview #GuyHarford2 #Thomas&Mercer #KindleUnlimited #5*

The Killing Code by J. D. Kirk #BookReview #DCILogan3 #ZertexCrime #KindleUnlimited #5*

How do you catch a killer who doesn’t exist? After twenty years on the force, Detective Chief Inspector Jack Logan thinks he has seen it all. He is wrong. When a nurse is murdered on her way home from nightshift, Jack and his team go on the hunt for her killer. As more victims are uncovered, Jack finds himself tracking a murderer afflicted by a … Continue reading The Killing Code by J. D. Kirk #BookReview #DCILogan3 #ZertexCrime #KindleUnlimited #5*

Mad About You by Mhairi McFarlane #BookReview #HarperCollins #4.5*

The brilliant new romcom from the bestselling author of mega-hit, Last Night Two strangers.One big coincidence.Driving each other crazy is just the beginning… Harriet Hatley is running away from everything. Getting married.Her boyfriend’s family.Her past. A dream house-share seems like the perfect place to hide, but her unlikely housemate Cal is no stranger to running away himself. And he’s also hiding secrets of his own . … Continue reading Mad About You by Mhairi McFarlane #BookReview #HarperCollins #4.5*

She’s Up To No Good by Sara Goodman Confino #BookReview #LakeUnionPublishing #KindleFirstReads #5*

For two women generations apart, going home will change their lives in this funny, poignant, and life-affirming novel about family, secrets, and broken hearts by the author of For the Love of Friends. Four years into her marriage, Jenna is blindsided when her husband asks for a divorce. With time on her hands and her life in flux, she agrees to accompany her eccentric grandmother Evelyn … Continue reading She’s Up To No Good by Sara Goodman Confino #BookReview #LakeUnionPublishing #KindleFirstReads #5*