August 2022

While it’s not been the worst summer here, it’s not been the best either. The temperature fluctuates in my wee part of Scotland – one day we had 30 degrees but in the same week we had ELEVEN! Needless to say, I wasn’t very enamoured of that! I have learned to pay little attention to the forecast; they rarely seem to get it right and it just annoys me. We had a lovely day on Sunday when we were out for lunch to celebrate not one, but two family birthdays. Today we got up to a shower – there is really no rhyme or reason to it and it is irritating when those south of the border are commenting on the heat . . .

I thought that, in light of the good weather which has occasionally shown face, I would post a couple of pics of our garden, complete with Oscar, our chocolate labrador and Brodie, our fox red one. As you can see the boys have plenty of space to run around and explore! We have a fun garden, full of gnomes, animals popping up here and there and sheep which, much to the delight of our three year old grandson, move around between his visits!

Onto more serious things; I have decided after five plus years, to close this blog at the end of September. Health-wise I’ve had a few issues of late and I’m finding the time it takes isn’t as pleasurable as it used to be. I will still be reading – I’ve had a book on the go ever since I learned to read and wouldn’t know what to do without one. I’m lucky never to have experienced the book block that so many complain of. From October, I will only be posting my reviews on Goodreads, and sharing on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram so, if you’re interested you can follow me in any of those places. The links are all on this blog.

Now to this month’s reads: all good and each one was enjoyable. When it came to choosing one outstanding novel, I really couldn’t look past Anne Booth’s Small Miracles. Such a delight to read! So much going on between the cover, wonderful characters with a bit of mystery and a fantastic touch of humour had me totally enthralled all the way through and I highly recommend it! Small Miracles by Anne Booth is my Book of the Month for August!

So, for the penultimate time …

2 thoughts on “August 2022

  1. Your book of the month, Small Miracles sounds like a great read! Definitely another for my list.
    Thankyou for taking the time to do your blog; I’ve read so many books that otherwise, I wouldn’t have picked up! Enjoy your blogging retirement xx

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