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A killer with a dangerous obsession. Three young women shot to death. Each victim with one shoe missing.

It’s the middle of the night when Detective Chris Bailey is called to the side of a rural Tennessee highway. A young woman’s body is found sprawled on the shoulder of the winding country road, a glossy dark pool of blood around her head.

The victim has been shot five times. She isn’t wearing a coat, though it’s late February. Her empty purse discarded a few feet away, a single high-heeled pump obscenely alone in a pile of last year’s fallen leaves tinted with frost. Her other foot is bare.

Then another woman’s body is found, displayed in the same way. Detective Chris Bailey realizes he may have a serial killer on his hands.

Everything points to the first victim’s brother, Mick, especially when his sister’s ID and shoe are found at his house. Mick doesn’t seem to have a motive. And he’s only just moved back to the area after working a high-powered job in Chicago. But he did have a relationship with his sister’s best friend, which ended badly.

Mick is clearly at the center of everything, but Bailey isn’t sure how. Is he the killer, or is someone trying to frame him?

Detective Chris Bailey series

  1. The Lake House
  2. The Woods at Dusk
  3. No One to Help Her

Fantastically Gripping Thriller!

How have I managed to miss this author?

When Chris Bailey’s phone rings in the middle of the night, it’s never good news; the latest call out is to a country road when a young woman lies dead, shot five times and minus a shoe. No coat, despite the fact that it’s February. When another young woman is found in similar circumstances, Chris Bailey fears he has a serial killer on his hands. Everything points to the first victim’s brother as a person of interest, but Chris knows that crimes are rarely solves that easily – and, anyway, it’s not his gut feeling. So who is carrying out the murders – and why?

I’m so sorry I missed out on the first two of this series, but as there is no mention of previous cases I hope to read them now. This is a cracking thriller with lots of action, plenty of possibilities and a fine array of characters. I was hooked from the first and kept on tenterhooks until the very last word. Intricate and complex with plenty of excitement, this is one I happily recommend and give a full house of stars.

My thanks to the publisher for my copy and to Jill Burkinshaw for my spot on this tour; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: crime thriller

Author Details

Kate Watterson grew up on a steady diet of mystery and suspense novels. If there is
intrigue involved on the page, she is a fan. An award-winning and bestselling author,
she and her husband live on a lake in the beautiful wooded hills of rural southern
Indiana with their two dogs and a very temperamental cat. She also writes historical
novels as Emma Wildes.

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