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Even as war rages, there are deep secrets lurking in the heart of Buckingham Palace…

Windsor, 1942. War rages through Great Britain. Anna Duckworth, former lover of Prince George, Duke of Kent, is found dead after an enemy bomb blast at her country home. When courtier Guy Harford is called to dispose of incriminating love letters between Anna and the Duke, it becomes clear that there’s more to the story than anyone is prepared to reveal.

As the court begins to whisper of a lone gunshot heard in the house that day, another gruesome death befalls the royal circle. With the bodies stacking up, Guy rejoins his old accomplices, East End burglar Rodie Carr and undercover agent Rupert Hardacre, to unmask the dangerous secrets lurking beneath the glittering Crown.

But with tensions rippling from London to Tangier as the Allied Forces prepare to invade North Africa, and Guy’s reputation in the Palace hanging in the balance, can he solve the mystery before more heads roll?

Guy Harford Series

  1. Stealing the Crown
  2. Burying the Crown
  3. Betraying the Crown

A Sheer Delight to Read!

A fabulously entertaining read!

In this second book in series, we find Guy Harford still at Buckingham Palace as a courtier, doing whatever he’s directed to. As the war rages on, Anna Duckworth, a former love of Prince George, Duke of Kent, is found dead in her bombed out home; Harford is ordered to find and take charge and dispose of the love letters between the two which were in her possession. He suspects that there is more to this than he’s being told, and when whispers circulate through the royal household that Anna was dead before the bomb hit, Harford is even more determined to get to the bottom of things; when there is another body, he’s even more convinced that something is being covered up – and he would appear to be the fall guy.

Having really enjoyed the first in this series, the second has been lurking in my kindle, just waiting for an opening – and it was well worth the wait! Guy Harford is a very charismatic; a painter who wants to contribute to the war effort and has landed in his present position more by accident than design. He is nobody’s fool and is as sharp as a tack. An excellent mystery, very well written and totally enjoyable – I relished each and every word. I now have the third book in my sights. A sheer delight to read and fully earning all five glowing stars.

I downloaded this ebook with Kindle Unlimited; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: historical mystery

Author Details

T. P. Fielden

is the fiction-writing name of the acclaimed royal biographer and commentator Christopher Wilson, who has penned biographies of Prince Charles, Camilla, Diana and other members of the British royal family.

For twenty years a leading Fleet Street journalist with columns in The TimesSunday TelegraphDaily Express and Today, he is now a bestselling biographer and (as TP Fielden) novelist.

Most recently the creator of the English Riviera Murders featuring 1950s supersleuth Miss Dimont, he remains an internationally in-demand writer on royal matters, with regular appearances in TV documentaries and reports across the globe.

His biography of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, is the acknowledged source material for all other books and TV films on the subject, and his ground-breaking research on the life and family of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is also a primary source for biographers and film-makers.

His biography A Greater Love: Charles and Camilla was turned into a top-rated TV documentary screened in the USA, UK and twenty-six other countries around the globe, and he has co-produced several major TV documentaries on the British royals. He lectures widely on the subject.

He is the co-founder of the Oxford University journalism awards, and for this work he was honoured by St Edmund Hall, the university’s oldest college, with membership of their Senior Common Room.

He is married to an American writer and lives on Dartmoor, England.

  • Twitter: @TPFielden1
  • Facebook: @tpfielden1
  • Instagram: @tpfielden1111

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