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In twenty years on the force, he has seen his share of monsters.

When a badly mutilated body washes up on the shores of Loch Ness, DCI Jack Logan’s dream of a quiet life in the Highlands is shattered.

While the media speculates wildly about monster attacks, Jack and the Major Investigations Team must act fast to catch the killer before they can strike again.

But with Nessie-hunters descending on the area in their dozens, and an old enemy rearing his ugly head, the case could well turn out to be the most challenging of Jack’s career.

And, if he isn’t careful, the last.

Death and dark humour combine in this fast-paced Tartan Noir crime thriller set in the Highlands of Scotland.

DCI Logan series

  1. A Litter of Bones
  2. Thicker Than Water
  3. The Killing Code
  4. Blood and Treachery
  5. The Last Bloody Straw
  6. A Whisper of Sorrows
  7. The Big Man Upstairs
  8. A Death Most Monumental
  9. A Snowball’s Chance in Hell
  10. Ahead of the Game
  11. An Isolated Incident
  12. Colder Than the Grave
  13. Come Hell or High Water
  14. City of Scars
  15. Here Lie the Dead

Another Cracking Read in Series!

A cracking second novel in this great series!

DCI Jack Logan is almost set to leave Glasgow and head for Inverness, but a dead body turning up on the shores of Loch Ness speeds up his departure. He finds himself straight into another murder enquiry from day one, staying at the home of one of his officers. As the investigation gets underway, the press get hold of the story as usual, with the wrong end of the stick making things so much harder for the team. An old adversary of Logan’s is in the area – is he connected to the death? It wouldn’t surprise Jack – but then, with two decades in the force under his belt, few things do . . .

I can’t believe I’ve waited so long to read more of this series! This author has a knack for writing serious crime fiction but still making me laugh from time to time. This isn’t straightforward – I can’t imagine many murder investigations are – and sheer determination and nose to the grindstone police work are needed to even get a handle on what’s going on. Did I solve it – not a hope! I marvel at the mindset of authors who can write in all the twists and turns, add in a spot of humour and make it all so readable! A terrific read, and easily worth all five shining stars.

I downloaded this ebook via Kindle Unlimited; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: crime thriller, police procedural

Author Details

JD Kirk is a Scottish crime fiction author with a very big secret – he doesn’t exist. Instead, JD is the pen-name of award-winning former children’s author Barry Hutchison, who first turned his hand to tartan noir in early 2019 with the publication of his first DCI Jack Logan novel, A Litter of Bones.

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