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The Bennett Sisters meet in Wales for the holidays, gathering at Elise’s new boyfriend’s country home.

The Albion ‘flock’ comes together at their country house in Wales this year for their traditional solstice to Twelfth Night family gathering. Elise joins her summer fling, new boyfriend, Conor Albion, but finds some of the relatives are hostile to both of them. When Elise receives an unwanted attention from one of them, two of her sisters decide to come to the nearby village for emotional support. Elise won’t run away from her problems this time– but how will she deal with this indecent proposal?

Elise is in an awkward position but is determined not to run away from her problems. The presence of two of her sisters helps give her courage, but will it ruin her relationship with Conor and his family? Meanwhile Conor’s parents tell him they won’t support his golf ‘hobby,’ leaving him unsure of his financial and professional future. Then an uninvited guest descends, giving a promise of chaos to the gathering.

Will Annie and Merle be able to help Elise with her problem? Will the sisters stay for the announced but doubtful twelve-course French New Year’s Eve dinner? Will the unwanted guest ruin the entire holiday?

Only Part of the Story!

I hadn’t realised that this was only the first of a three-part story.

Elise Bennett heads off to Wales for a summer break, staying a the home of her latest boyfriend, Conor Albion. However, some of the Albion family aren’t happy with their attendance and, when she makes her sisters aware of the hostility she’s facing, Annie and Merle book local accommodation in order to offer her some support. With one male relative being over-friendly, Elise will need to be able to stand up for herself. In the meantime, Conor’s parents inform him that they will no longer support his lifestyle as a pro-golfer. Then, to add to the mix, an unwanted guest appears . . .

There is always a risk when coming in to an established series and I admit to finding myself like a fish out of water with this one. Every time I thought I had a grip on things, I would suddenly be lost again. I’m generally very good at picking up series mid-term, so to speak, but struggled with this one. I’m used to each part of a story being a bit of a mini-tale, and standing on it’s own, but I felt at the end of this one that I was left floundering, wondering what was happening. I’m not sure I even care enough to continue with the series. I’m sure that regular readers of this series will love it, but it’s not one for me. 2*.

I downloaded this ebook via Kindle Unlimited; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: mystery

Author Details

Lise McClendon is a fiction writer living in the Rocky Mountains of Montana. She has been a film reviewer, a film maker, a journalism professor, and a PR flack. Since her first novel, The Bluejay Shaman, in 1994, she has served on the national board of Mystery Writers of America and the International Association of Crime Writers/North America, as well as on faculty of the Jackson Hole Writers Conference where each year she critiques, speaks, and learns from writers new and old.

Lise McClendon also writes as Rory Tate in the 2011 thriller, JUMP CUT. Her new novel by Rory Tate is PLAN X, available now. Read her latest novel, Château des Corbeaux, 17th in the Bennett Sisters mystery series that began with Blackbird Fly.

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