June 2022

So far, this is going down as one of the worst summers; on my facebook memories this morning it came up that a year ago it was hot, hot, HOT – even in the shade. I’ve managed only one day of lying out in the garden in 2022 – very disappointing! My husband was looking forward to enjoying relaxing in the warmth in his first year of retirement and Scottish weather has, until now, been very disappointing. We can only hope July changes things!

At least the Scottish rain keeps the garden looking fresh without too much watering. Our patio area is full of tubs and planters and we’ve introduced some animals this year. After all, you’ve got to have some fun! As well as rabbits, hedgehogs, ducks, geese and an owl, we have our very own flock of sheep which are freaking out our neighbour as they never seem to stay in one place for long. I’ve snapped their photo beside the ‘fairy house’ (the bird on the roof is real) – a old tree stump which my husband ‘renovated’, lol. Last week, we had a visitor for three days while his family went on a mini-break. Monty knows our two labs very well, and Oscar and Brodie were quite happy for him to stay here. He did resemble a fourth sheep though!

Reducing my reading quota this year is working out well; I have time to spend with my newly retired husband and to pursue a couple of hobbies I’ve never managed to fit in before. But eighteen books read and reviewed this month, isn’t too shabby. I think I have pondered over my top choice for longer than usual – so many great books all fitted into one month! How lucky am I? If you’re stuck for something to read, you could do worse than look through my June list!

I did what I always do and re-read my reviews and then I just knew; Faith Hogan’s latest novel is a story of families, rifts, angst and the hope of possible healing had me enthralled from the very first. Having re-read Maeve Binchy recently, this author’s writing reminds me more and more of her style, warmth and empathy so I’m delighted to choose The Gin Sisters Promise by Faith Hogan as my Book of the Month for June 2022. If you haven’t read it yet, please give it a try – it’s a wonderful holiday (or anytime) read!

So here’s looking to July; please let it be warm at the very least (hot would be preferable). As always, I’m taking next month off from my blog list and reading what I fancy – which really means I’m picking and choosing from the books I set aside all year in the hope I can fit them in! So I’ll be back next month – hope to see you then! Meanwhile,

3 thoughts on “June 2022

  1. I think I’ve stolen all your sunshine from June, Grace, but I’ll try to leave you a bit for July. The conundrum of the sheep has finally set my mind at rest. 😀

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