May 2022

One of the things I really love about Facebook is the memories which pop up each day showing what was happening on this day on years gone by; this year I’ve been continually reminded of reading and slumbering outdoors in the sunshine, but we’re almost into June and there is still and underlying chill in the air. I want summer heat – and I want it yesterday!

My husband has been unwell for the last ten days or so and now, of course, he has generously smitten me. I don’t operate well on less sleep so between being disturbed by his coughing and wheezing and now having my own keeping me awake, so it’s hardly surprising my book count is down this month. The one thing we did manage to do was plant up our patio tubs before the dreaded lurgy hit (not Covid, in case you’re wondering), so I’ve included a few cheerful pics – some new this year, some established (and no, I’m not the world’s best photographer). Clockwise from top left: rhododendron, dwarf sunflower, magnolia, ceanothus, bleeding heart, Kilmarnock willow and lilac.

This month I’ve read and reviewed 14 books. I’ve been spending more time on other hobbies and, so far, that’s been a success. As usual, there was a mix of known authors and first timers with a good selection of genres and I enjoyed each and every one. As you know, I struggle each month with choosing just one novel but from the very beginning I settled into one of them which was was fresh, new, warm and uplifting and such a delight to read and enjoy! As stated in my original review, if you are looking to pack a book for your holidays, then please put this one at the top of your list – you won’t regret it! I enjoyed this one so much that I added the author’s first novel to my wishlist and look forward to getting round to it sooner rather than later. I’m absolutely thrilled that The People of Platform 5 by Clare Pooley is my Book of the Month for May 2022.

Onwards to June! I have a full list already and am looking forward to each and every one. This must be the best hobby in the world! See you next month, until then ..

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