Beach House Summer by Sarah Morgan #BookReview #HQ #NetGalley #5*

A marriage in the spotlight

Joanna Whitman’s high-profile marriage held more secrets than she cares to remember, so when her ex-husband dies, she doesn’t know what to feel. But when she discovers that he’s left behind a pregnant young woman, Joanna is forced to act. She knows exactly how brutal the spotlight on them both will be…unless she can find a way for them to disappear.

A beach house hideaway

Ashley Blake is amazed when Joanna suggests they lie low at her beach house in her sleepy Californian hometown. Joanna should be hating her, not helping her. But alone and pregnant, Ashley needs all the support she can find.

A summer of new beginnings

Joanna’s only goal for the summer is privacy. All Ashley wants is space to plan for her and her baby’s future. But when an old flame reappears, and secrets spill out under the hot summer sun, this unlikely friendship is put to the test…

Warmth & Kindness Abound!

Another terrifically moving tale from an author who always writes beautifully.

Joanna Whitman shared a business with her ex-husband; while she liked to stay out of the limelight, he revelled in it. The news that he died in a car crash shocks her to the core, but when she discovers that the passenger was a young woman who is pregnant, Joanna feels she has to offer help if she can. She knows how hard it is to live with the paparazzi everywhere she goes and wants to protect the young lady if she can. Ashley, in turn, is astonished when Joanna smuggles her out of hospital when she is released and takes her to an isolated hideaway – a beach house in her small hometown, but can they remain hidden when everyone is aware of what has happened?

Sarah Morgan always writes the most wonderful feel-good stories, and I relish each and every one. There are secrets galore hiding in these pages and it’s a slow release. Such a lot going on with characters who exude warmth and understanding and kindness galore – definitely my kind of story! Enthralling from beginning to end, the author has excelled yet again. An absolutely delightful read, and one I’m very happy to both recommend and give a full house of glowing stars.

My thanks to the publisher for my copy via NetGalley; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: women’s contemporary fiction

Author Details

Sarah Morgan is a USA Today and Sunday Times bestselling author of romance and women’s fiction. She has sold over 21 million copies of her books and her trademark humour and warmth have gained her fans across the globe.

Sarah lives near London, England and when she isn’t writing or reading, she likes to spend time outdoors hiking or riding her mountain bike.

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