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Ash Carter and Bill Wolfe are in Israel hunting a group of British Army deserters known as the Killing Crew.

Some people think they were a myth, others believe they were the most hated of British soldiers.

In the newly formed state that’s at war with the Arab nations, hated by Jews and despised by Arabs, the two SIB officers think they face an uncomfortable task.

But when they become targets they realise this is more than just a job. It’s life or death.

Ash Carter Near East series

  1. Cyprus Kiss
  2. The Killing Crew

Enthralling & Gripping!

The second tantalising read in this great series!

Having left Cyprus behind, Ash Carter and Bill Wolfe are now in Israel trying to track down a group of British deserters known as The Killing Crew. The newly formed state isn’t a comfortable place to be for the two SIB men; with Jews and Arabs at war with each other and neither side viewing them favourably, they have their work cut out for them. And when they become targets, it’s as much about staying alive as it is capturing their prey.

As anyone who follows my reviews will know, I really enjoyed the first in what is shaping up to be a superb series and could barely wait to get into this second novel. Murray Bailey has the gift of creating wonderful characters within a period setting which smacks of reality, pulling readers into the story and keeping a tight grip of them until the bitter end. Yet again, I found myself reading into the early hours – racing through the pages, desperate to find out what happened next! Completely unpredictable, this book kept me awake and alert long after I should have closed my eyes and, try as I may to work out where it was all heading, I was shocked and surprised several times over. Here is an author who not only knows his craft but has the skill to transfer a riveting story to the page and keep his readers enthralled and entranced all the way through. I really hope there are more adventures on the way for Ash and Bill; I can’t help but think that this would transfer to film / tv and be compulsory viewing! In the meantime I shall be moving on to his other series featuring Ash Carter. Can you get too much of a good thing? I really don’t think so! This is, with no hesitation whatsoever, a sparkling five star read and has my highest recommendation.

My thanks to the author for my copy of his novel and for including me in this blog tour; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: crime thriller

Author Details

Murray Bailey is the author of Amazon bestseller Map of the Dead, the first of the series based on his interest in Egyptology. His main series however is the Ash Carter thrillers, inspired by his father’s experience in the Royal Military Police in Singapore in the early 1950s.

Murray is well traveled, having worked in the US, South America and a number of European countries throughout his career as a management consultant. However he also managed to find the time to edit books, contribute to articles and act as a part-time magazine editor.

Murray lives on the south coast of England with his family and a dog called Teddy.

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