Cyprus Kiss by Murray Bailey #BookReview #AshCarterNearEast1 #HeritageBooks #5*

Help Me! 

Those were the words on the back of a woman’s photograph. And yet she vanished six months ago.

It’s 1948 and military investigator Ash Carter has arrived in Cyprus. A gang has been operating for two years, leaving a mark known to police as the kiss of death. Is this something to do with them? And why ask him for help?

After a murder, Carter begins to realize this is personal.

In a race against time, Carter must work out the connection between the gang, the missing woman and the murder, before it’s too late.

Phenomenal Start to a Series!

Everything you want a crime thriller to be!

It’s 1948 and SIB Officer Ash Carter has arrived to serve in Cyprus. A woman’s photograph is posted through his office door with the words ‘Help Me’ scrawled on the back. Who is she? And why does she need help? Ash quickly becomes aware of a gang which has been operating on the island for the last couple of years – is there a connection? And who knew to ask him for help so soon after his arrival?I

I have the second in this series on my list for later this month; having read another by this author previously, I was more than happy to grab this one to read first – and what a cracker of a read it is! In Murray Bailey we have an author who is capable of crafting the most wonderful, believable tales packed with action and excitement from beginning to end with the odd surprise popping up here and there. This one grabbed me from the very start and sucked me in at top speed – I really struggled to put it down and ended up reading well into the early hours. Absolutely phenomenal and my only regret is that I can’t read it again not knowing where it’s heading. Highly recommended to every reader who likes thrilling books where you can’t see what’s coming next! A sparkling five star beginning to a series I will make sure I not only continue with, but will relish each and every one.

I purchased this novel; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: crime thriller

Author Details

Murray Bailey is the author of Amazon bestseller Map of the Dead, the first of the series based on his interest in Egyptology. His main series however is the Ash Carter thrillers, inspired by his father’s experience in the Royal Military Police in Singapore in the early 1950s.

Murray is well traveled, having worked in the US, South America and a number of European countries throughout his career as a management consultant. However he also managed to find the time to edit books, contribute to articles and act as a part-time magazine editor.

Murray lives on the south coast of England with his family and a dog called Teddy.

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