Happy Moon by Gianna Schorno #BookReview #AustinMacauley #3.5*

West coast of Turkey, 1993: Everything seems to be going well for Yasmin, an ambitious 22-year-old.

She has landed her dream job, has recently married her love, Metin, and is expecting her first baby. But a series of terrible events mar her happy life and leaves her heartbroken.

Marrakesh, Morocco, 2005: While playing around with his cousin in the family home, a 12-year-old boy finds his secure world crashing down around him after he happens to stumble upon some long-hidden secrets about his origins.

Marrakesh, Morocco, 2012: Yasmin, now 42 years old and living in London, is on holiday in a small hotel after breaking up with her fiancé. She is drawn to Tahiri, the hotel’s owner, and they begin a relationship.

Unbeknownst to her, Tahiri holds the key to a series of mysteries dating back to 1993 and her doomed marriage to Metin…

A Good Idea but in Need of Attention!

This is a tale of family and so much more, set in two gorgeous locations!

Newly graduated Yasmin sets off for her first job on a cruise liner where the first person she meets is colleague Metin; before long they have married and settled on the West Coast of Turkey, looking forward to the arrival of their first baby. But somehow, things go awry and Yasmin finds herself alone again. Almost two decades later, two young boys are looking where they shouldn’t at home in Marrakesh and discover documents which will have a lasting effect for one of them. Meantime, Yasmin has settled in London but with a broken engagement she has headed to Morocco for a recuperating break. While there, she meets Tahiri and they begin a relationship, little knowing that there is something which connects them.

I love the idea of this story and, while it opened my eyes culturally I found it a bit stiff and formal in places – especially the dialogue. There were certain phrases which were repeated over and over again and all this rather spoiled it for me. It’s not without errors either and there is no doubt that this added up to lessening my enjoyment. I had thought that, perhaps, it had been written in a different language and the translation was at fault but this doesn’t seem to be an issue. There is no doubt that the idea of it is good, but it definitely needs a bit of attention. For me, 3.5*.

My thanks to the publisher for my copy; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: women’s fiction

Author Details

Gianna Schorno was born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland, where she completed her school and study years.

Her family origin is Italian among others, and she had always been a bit of a nomad.

She decided at a very early age to leave Switzerland, to travel, to work abroad and to explore the globe.

Her knowledge of various languages, her love for nature and her keen interest in getting to know different cultures, religions and life-styles, has taken her on many travels around the world.

She has lived in various countries, including Canada, Turkey, Dubai (UAE), Ecuador and Peru.

She developed her passion for writing during her time living in the Peruvian Amazon.

Her stories are based on real life experiences and also include many travel adventures and cultural aspects of the countries where she has lived and worked.

She currently resides in the United Kingdom.

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