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Award winning author Matt Cost brings us the fourth book in the Mainely Mystery series in which a boy is abducted and threatened with execution if the governor of Maine doesn’t ease business restrictions and masking requirements due to the pandemic. 

Langdon is muddling his way through the pandemic like everybody else. 

Business restrictions have dealt a blow to his mystery bookstore, and nobody leaves the house anymore to get into trouble and create a need for a PI. At the same time, his marriage is stronger than ever, and he’s had a chance to catch up on things around the house.

Then it all changes. The bookstore opens back up, and he gets hired to find a missing woman, find proof of sexual harassment against another local business owner, and track down a kidnapped boy before he is executed by a madman in a desperate bid to force the state to ease masking restrictions.

“Somebody stole my wife,” the man said.
Did Annika Morin leave her husband… or was she taken?

I was sexually harass’ by my boss and then fire’ when I refused his advances.” Raven’s dark eyes flashed a promise of anger and vengeance.
Local brew pub owner Rick Strong is accused of sexual harassment, which seems likely, but is he guilty of much more? Or is it entirely fabricated?

“Where is my boy?” Jill asked, her words anguished.
And then the boy is abducted, and the kidnapper attempts to hold the entire state hostage. If the governor refuses their demands, the kidnapper promises to execute the child on Halloween.

With the help of his wife, Chabal, and his friends Bart the bad-tempered cop, 4 by Four the playboy lawyer, Richam and Jewell, and Star, his bookstore employee, Langdon is in a race against time to find the missing wife, obtain proof against an unlikeable business owner, and track down a kidnapped boy before it is too late…

Mainely Mystery series

  1. Mainely Power
  2. Mainely Money
  3. Mainely Fear
  4. Mainely Angst

Another Top-Notch Mystery in this Terrific Series!

Another top-notch mystery from the pen of Matt Cost!

The global pandemic has hit Goff Langdon’s businesses the same as everyone else; not much is happening. Then, all at once, he is hired to find a missing wife, find proof against a sexual predator and locate a kidnapped boy. The latter has been taken to try and force the governor to lift the Covid restrictions, but what kind of low-life would threaten the life of a four year old to achieve this? From famine to feast, Langdon now has his hands full and once again calls on his friends and family to help. Can he work everything out – and in time to save a life?

Never one to do things by half, this author always comes up with a multi-faceted story which keeps me desperate to see where it’s heading next! There is such a lot going on in this one, all off-set by Langdon’s laid back manner and, of course, ‘dog’. Dog has real character and entertains as only labradors can (especially where food is concerned). Each of the threads would be a story on their own but there is a bit of cross-over which adds to the enigma and keeps the reader on their toes. With a great cast of characters and excellent writing, this is one series I would not miss; packed with doubt, excitement and a good helping of fun this is another worthy addition to the Mainely Mysteries. With no hesitation at all, this is a five star read!

My thanks to the author for my copy; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

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Author Details

Matt Cost was a history major at Trinity College. He owned a mystery bookstore, a video store, and a gym, before serving a ten-year sentence as a junior high school teacher. In 2014 he was released and began writing. And that’s what he does. He writes histories and mysteries.

“Love in a Time of Hate” is the third historical by Cost. “Joshua Chamberlain and the Civil War; At Every Hazard”, was published in 2015, in which Emmett Collins grows into manhood during the Civil War. “I am Cuba” was published in 2020. It was recently awarded the silver award for historical fiction from Kops-Fetherling.

Cost has also published the Mainely Mystery series including “Mainely Power” (the MHC Read ME fiction book of the year), “Mainely Fear”, and “Mainely Money”. The fourth book in the series, “Mainely Angst”, will be published in January of 2022.

He has begun the Clay Wolfe/Port Essex Trap series with “Wolfe Trap” and “Mind Trap” “Mouse Trap” will be published in the spring of 2022 and “Cosmic Trap” in the fall of 2022.

Cost now lives in Brunswick, Maine, with his wife, Harper. There are four grown children: Brittany, Pearson, Miranda, and Ryan. A chocolate Lab and a basset hound round out the mix. He now spends his days at the computer, writing.

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