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The most uplifting book you’ll read this year!

It has been a long and lonely year for neighbours Vivienne, Mary and Gwen.

All ladies of a ‘certain age’, their lockdown experience has left them feeling isolated and alone. They are in desperate need of a change.

Things start to look up however, when Gwen comes up with a plan to get them out of London by borrowing a motor home. In no time at all the ladies are on the road – away from the city, away from their own four walls, and away from their worries.

The British countryside has never looked more beautiful. As they travel from Stonehenge to Dartmoor, from the Devon and Cornish coasts to the Yorkshire moors, gradually the years fall back, and the three friends start to imagine new futures with no limitations.

And as their journey continues and their friendships deepen, and while the seaside views turn into glorious mountains and moors, Mary, Vivienne and Gwen learn to smile again, to laugh again, and maybe even to love again.

Now they can believe that the best is still to come…

Funny, joyful and with a spring in its step that reminds you to live every day like it’s your last. Judy Leigh has once again written the perfect feel-good novel for all fans of Dawn French and Cathy Hopkins.

Fun, Entertaining & Uplifting!

I can always depend upon Judy Leigh for a fun, uplifting read!

Vivienne, Mary and Gwen each live at the same London address – in their separate flats. Lockdown has left them feeling alone and isolated and they are in need of something to shake things up and get them back to living again. Then Gwen comes up with a plan for them to tour Britain on their own four wheels, and it proves to be just the thing they need to shake them out of the rut they’ve been stuck in; but this is more than just a holiday – it’s a new beginning.

I think this is just the kind of book I needed to read after lockdown. After all, we’ve all retreated a bit from life – not through choice but necessity – and this is just the story to give us that proverbial kick to change things. This is an author who creates wonderful realistic and believable characters and puts them into situations her readers can identify with. These three women are each appealing but none of them are flawless, which is what makes it such a good read. Another wonderful tale from the pen of a favourite author, beautifully written and definitely leaving me feeling brighter and with higher spirits that I had before I read it. Highly recommended and easily worth all five shining stars!

My thanks to the publisher for my copy and to Rachel Gilbey for my spot on this tour; this is – as always – my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: humour, women’s fiction

Author Details

Judy Leigh is the bestselling author of Five French Hens , A Grand Old Time and The Age of Misadventure and the doyenne of the ‘it’s never too late’ genre of women’s fiction. She has lived all over the UK from Liverpool to Cornwall, but currently resides in Somerset.

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